Skipping MMRR?

Am I crazy to consider skipping this during my trip in May? It’s on my TP with a 125 minute wait and my response to that time frame is a big old NO. Not waiting that long for anything. My kids like Toy Story and Cars, my husband likes Star Wars, and I like any of it. I’d rather leave time to meet some Incredibles, explore GE and TSL, etc.
I know this is redundant, but HS is just so frustrating…even with the possibility of buying CL FPs, it’s not really any better. Maybe a smidge beneficial to buy them then just zip through TSL if we used them, but with everything else being so ridiculous, it’s not worth it. But then I feel like after I pass my 90 days and don’t use the CL FPs then at like 30 or 40 days all the rides that don’t have FP’s will get them, and I won’t be able to reap the benefits I might have had this all been settled already.
Sorry…just seeing what you all would maybe do…? (And whining a bit too)

It’s not even open yet. No reviews, no confirmation on what the queue system will be, so many unknowns!

HS is a mess and frustrating for everyone. Personally, I’m just keeping up to date on the goings-on and understand that HS may look very different (from a planning perspective) by the time we go, so keeping plans loose - with a lot of notes like “research current strategy for ROTR” in my TP.


I totally get it. However, this is just a prediction / “guess” based on historical data on new ride openings. No one really knows anything about how DHS will handle FPP or tiers for this.

Would I cancel it based on a two hour wait? Probably not, but two hours is about the longest I would wait.

From what I’m reading in your post, MMRR isn’t the main purpose of your visit. It’s fine to skip it. From your other posts, it seems like you seem to go to WDW regularly. Let go of the FOMO and do it when it’s more convenient for you.

But who knows… all of this may be resolved by then. Just have to be a bit patient and see. :wink::smiley:


Why Disney decided to essentially put all the newest stuff into a single park back to back (TSL, then SWGE, and now MMRR) I’ll not understand. They needed to do a better job of spreading the crowds…but suddenly, what used to be a 1/2 day park is the park everyone is hoping to do more than anything, but without enough ride capacity to handle it all.

One can only hope that MMRR will bring in enough additional ride capacity to help reduce the crowds elsewhere in the park without actually drawing in ADDITIONAL crowds.

Anyhow, as stated, wait times for MMRR right now are entirely guesswork. I’m hoping it will have a high ride capacity, though, to keep lines relatively sane, otherwise we may skip it ourselves. (I already miss The Great Movie Ride.)


I REALLY want to ride this ride. But I have my limits, and so Im not sure if it will be possible. Im not willing to wait longer then 30mins for a ride with two little kids so we may have to wait. Im kind of hoping for boarding groups. Im going to keep an eye on HS for our April trip. I have us arriving for 10, because I don’t want to be in the RD crowds. So a BG might not work for us anyways if they are gone super fast. So Im just waiting to see, and see how much time we want to spend on it. We also prob won’t be returning for 2-3 years so-- lots to figure out!

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Agreed! It has created chaos. They could have started Epcot work earlier and come back for MMRR after TSL crowds die down so it is only SWGE to deal with at the same time.

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Nope you’re not crazy. We are considering skipping it for our May trip as well.

I’m going end of March and would also like to ride but I know my kids (and myself) aren’t going to wait in a 2 hour plus line. The same came up for my touring plan when I put it in - a long wait. I know everyone’s commented on it but man, I don’t like the current FP tiering. Our main priorities for rides at HS are SDD, Toy Story Mania, ToT, Saucers and the new MMRR. I hate that I can only pick a FP for one of these!

I’m considering skipping HS all together if I can’t get a fast pass for either TSM or SDD. Our HS day is 60+3, so I’m not sure my chances are any good for those anyway. My oldest is pumped about the Disney Jr characters , so we’d do a late breakfast at H&V and maybe the Dis Jr show before spending the rest of the day at the resort.

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I’m seeing availability for TSM even 30 days out. You should be able to get that.

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I’m going the week it opens and plan to go nowhere near it.

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That’s good news! I don’t foresee us having a lot of success RDing anything with 2 strollers, 2 grandmas, and not really being morning people :laughing:

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I just got TSM at 9:45 am for 6 people at 60+2 on a predicted CL8 day for our trip in March. I doubt you will have trouble getting it for 60+3.

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Can I ask which day?

I booked the fastpasses on January 15th. Our HS day is March 17th. Had no trouble getting TSM at that time.

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I’m in the same boat. I’m usually super organized with my planning so HS is driving me nuts. I am not sure I want to devote two full days of our 6 to rope dropping HS and waiting for a boarding group to be called and not even being able to secure Tier 1 FP. I know we can hop to another park but fast passes and adrs are hard to plan then. My kids love Star Wars and Mickey shorts and toy story lol soooo I guess we should/could plan 2 days. I really wish they’d switch up tiering though. At least move one Toy story ride to tier 2!!

They just did change the ties if you read some other threads. MFSR and SDD are now the only tier 1 and everything else is tier 2. Still no FPP for MMRR or RotR.

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I just saw that after I posted! At least we can book rides not shows which my kids prefer. I’m glad people are getting fp for Smugglers Run but another post states how this makes standby so much longer :confused:

I just redid my TP for HS and it allowed me to select a FP for MMRR. My wait is now on my TP as 9 minutes. I know FPs aren’t officially available, but I found this to be an interesting development.

I’ll skip MMRR for our May trip if it’s greater than a 40 minute wait because of our 2 year old. Our next trip to Disney won’t be for another 3+ years, so we can just go on it then and it won’t be crazy busy. It’s a “nice if we can” ride, but not a “must-see.”

As of now. we’re planning 2 HS days. Neither will be a full-day RD. Both will be more like a 3/4 day trip.

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