Skipping Epcot? (Gasp!)

I didn’t pay close attention to all the info about Epcot refurb, but now I’m looking at a potential trip with friends during Spring Break (April).

Epcot is my favorite, but for a short trip on a budget (one park per day), do you think it will be worth it?

If you enjoy WS and “eating & drinking around The World” absolutely. Otherwise… no

(This is not a popular opinion)

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This is my wonder - and I loooooooove WS; but I have been recently and will go again in the next couple years. So though I love Epcot, I’m not sure I can justify $100 for the day. Maybe if we here hopping?

Just so sad though :sob:

WS is one of my favorite places in WDW. FW will have a lot of construction going on, but as far as I know, none of the major pavilions will be closed. Personally, I wouldn’t skip it.

I do love Soarin, and once around the WS was cool, but I wish I could skip Epcot for an extra AK day. Or for a resort day. Or for a waterpark day.


After looking at the construction photos, I am definitely compressing my time in EPCOT during my upcoming trip and spending the time elsewhere.

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I would still go to EP and experience Flower & Garden!!

Do you have Hoppers? My plan is to
Go in April with hoppers to see food and garden and eat in world showcase. Another morning do a few fave rides and head somewhere else.

I am skipping Epcot this time, mostly for budget reasons. Having said that, if you look at the actual list of things that are closing, it doesn’t contain anything that major, so the reasons that made it your favorite park are probably still there:


I think a “spring break around the world” would be really fun (make an afternoon or evening of food/drink tasting at each country), but I personally love WS and just walking around!

It really depends on what you and your friends like to do - parades, meet characters, wild rides? Then I’d skip Epcot. Eat food, explore, more leisurely rides? Then Epcot will still fit the bill, even with the entrance/FW under construction👌🏻

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Epcot is my favorite too … but honestly now for nostalgia reasons, rather than actual activities and attractions.

I am soooo glad they are finally putting some love into EPCOT. It needs it, and it deserves it. Having said that, they changed up Imagination and completely ruined it. They better not ruin Spaceship Earth with its refurb !!!

If I had a short trip, on a budget, and no park hopper, I would wait, and let them put some love into Epcot, get past most of the construction, and return for a big reveal and surprise.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I think I can’t justify a full day for a trip on a budget. With FW being a mess and SE down, I’m not sure I can justify 100 to go in and spend on food (some of my favorite food, but still). I love FEA and Soarin’, but it just doesn’t feel like a good use of a full day.

It may be that we plan three days, and then depending on reports, add parkhopper and spend the late afternoon evening in EP after a morning/early afternoon in AK or DHS.

I think in April you’ll miss Ratatouille opening. And Spaceship Earth will almost certainly be closed.

So unless Epcot is a favourite, or you want to do a tour of World Showcase, then just skip it. And I say that as someone who loves the park.


Could you do 2 days of park hopper instead of 3 regular ticket days? That way you are spending roughly the same (I think it would be $11 more), but you can do the top sights at all 4 parks.

I would do a full day of park hopping (maybe AK morning, MK evening), a “rest” day going around the resorts, Disney Springs, and/or a pool day, and then another full day of park hopping (HS morning, EP evening). That would still be a fun trip without having to miss out on the highlights!