Skipper Canteen?

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Skipper Canteen in MK? I would like to try eating there when we go back in June. My concern is my picky daughter. Has anyone eaten there? What did you think?

Hi! I had lunch at the Skipper Canteen in August. I can’t really tell you how kids will react to the menu. I was on a solo trip, on the dining plan, so I had the steak to maximize my dining plan value. It was good, flavorful spicy not hot spicy, with the chimichurri sauce. I thought the yuca planks were a nice change from the typical baked potato or French fries. I was a little disappointed in the dessert I chose of the coconut bar with pineapple basil compote and vanilla ice cream. I usually love the combined flavors of pineapple and coconut, but this one didn’t do anything anything for me. Looking at the menu, your daughter will probably be ok. They have grilled figh, flank steak, chicken noodle soup, Mac and cheese and crispy chicken, so very kid-friendly for a picky child. I did enjoy my meal there and would go back again. The theming is very fun, if you’re into the Jungle Cruise.

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my son is picky too, we had made reservations but decided to cancel, looked at the menu and canceled. We did BOG for lunch and they have a pretty good kids menu. I would go to SC if I had no kids with me.