Skipper Canteen Update...?

Anyone know if they plan to let it into regular ADR system anytime soon? If you want to reserve the morning of MK day, on the bus on the way to parks, do you have your pick of the times? Or how does it work to reserve day-of?

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I don’t know, but I’m following your post to find out too. We’re going in October and just passed the 180-day mark. The calendar for JNCLSC (Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen) shows all the way through our check-out date; I’ve tried random dates throughout, but nothing is coming up as available.

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I’ve not heard any news - or even rumors - of it rolling into the regular ADR system. From all reports I’ve read, it seems to me that there is little trouble basically getting a walk-up pretty much any time you want it. But high summer crowds may change that. I haven’t been since it opened, but personally I kind of like the idea of a TS restaurant that you don’t have to book a day and time months in advance…


I inquired about this when I was there in March. They gave me a phone number to call the restaurant directly or I’ve noticed you can reserve online for that day if you try early. My daughter has all of my info right now so I don’t have the number

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Not sure if they plan to open to normal ADR. But the first week of April, we were able to request our pick of times for lunch when we logged onto MDE at ~7:30am. It was an 8/10 crowd level that day.


You can book ADR now for Skipper Canteen

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I was able to get an ADR. :relaxed: Thanks for posting.