SKippable parades and shows

As many of you know, we will be visiting wdw during Christmas week. My husband and I are not huge on parades and shows etc. My youngest son wrote EVERY SINGLE ONE for MK on his list of must-do activities while we are there. Obviously, we cant see all of them (nor do we want to spend most of our first international holiday watching floats drive by!). My kids barely know mickey, let alone the other traditional characters.

Which ones are completely must-do, and which can be skipped?

so far we have:
the move shake it party (because I just know he wont let that one go),
festival of fantasy,
once upon a Christmastime parade (not sure about this one)
HOliday wishes- if it’s even still showing
totally tomorrowland Christmas show- not sure about this one
Mickeys most merriest celebration - also not sure about this one
fantasy in the sky fireworks

I’d love to confidently delete a few of these!

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Where are you staying. You can watch fireworks from the poly beach but it may be restricted over Christmas. Regular wishes gets replaced soon do there may be a new Christmas show.

Were at all star music at the moment- hoping to upgrade to AKL after I have surgery. We wont know how much the surgery will cost until around October so wont know if the upgrade is possible until then.

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Our medical bills were crazy last year since both DH and I both had surgery. $6,000 in deductibles just for the hospital stays. Add in prescriptions and office visit copays to that total. I know what you mean.

I think it depends on his favorite characters. Like tomorrowland had the incredibles and buzz and woody when we were there at Christmas two years ago. I would base it on that.

On that list I would say the parade would be my only “must do”. Do they do it day and night?

I think that depends on what the OP means by Christmas week.

We arrived on 23rd Dec 2016 and as of Christmas Eve, they showed the Christmas Parade at 3pm (or 3:30), and I think also an earlier time like 12:30? But nothing at night. F of F started again on New Year’s Day.

Not sure about the week leading up to Christmas. I think it was only run during the party time, as that is one of the unique bonus things about the party, no riff raff to see it!

Meant to add, that would be my “must do” too.

I’m not big on parades either, but Festival of Fantasy is by far the best of the best. Floats are amazing and the Maleficent Dragon is so cool. And there are many excellent places to view it from.

Fantasy in the Sky fireworks would be my only other “must do”.

Thank you, very helpful. We’ll probably abandon most of it. He doesn’t seem interested in any of the character meets do I’m guessing it’s the idea of a show appealing to him more than seeing characters. Considering the bazillion star wars activities we’re undertaking at HS, I’m sure he’ll survive happily without all of these. He is in Disney World after all :smiley:

@Nickysyme we’re there 23rd until the 2nd.
@PrincipalTinker it seems to run only once a day at 3pm in place of festival of fantasy from what I can see.

Forgot to say most likely day for attending any of these would be 31st and 1st. We have festival of fantasy in the plans for earlier in the week, and fantasy in the sky for 31st.

I think the 12:30 parade was added in the last week or so before we arrived. It was certainly very close to the trip, and made my life a lot easier. Our first day in MK was Christmas Eve and I knew we’d need a break (jet lag), but really wanted to see the parade. That meant we didn’t have to hang around until 4 to see it.

It is a lot of fun, I’m sure you’d enjoy it :grinning:

The Once Upon A Christmas time parade is a great parade I have seen this parade 3x time and I would still qualify it as must do. I also love Festival of Fantasy and try to see it as many times as I can during my trips.

Move it Shake it is cool, if you happen to stumble upon it - but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Mickey’s Most Merriest is a good show too. If I recall it happens to be set up at a good time to also set up your spot and stay for the fireworks.

Move it Shake is a blast with kiddos

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