Skip any fastpasses?

Are there any rides where the queue is worth the wait and I should not get a fastpass?

I always hear Peter pan and FoP, but I’ve only done FPP on those

i love the queue for expedition everest. while not interactive, it’s so beautifully themed with great attention to detail. there’s much to see while waiting.

It is silly, but I really enjoy the queue for Haunted Mansion…and only do same day fast passes if the line is wayyyy too long. Having never been able to get a 7DMT Fast Pass, I’ve waited in that line a bunch of times…it is cute, but not worth the wait.

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I agree with EE, but only if you can be lucky enough to hop in line when it’s only 30 min or so. I’ve waited an hour and it felt too long in the Florida heat. In general I would only forego a FP if the wait was around 30 min or so.

I agree with EE. The queue is virtually a “museum” dedicated to Yeti lore. The first time I rode I went right at RD and walked the entire line, taking time to stop and read all the plaques, look at all the displays, and take pictures (letting others pass me along the way). It was still only about a 15 minute wait when I caught up with the line. I think everyone needs to see the full queue at least once; it gives so much more depth to the whole experience - and the level of detailing is amazing.

I rarely FPP the HM, and I find that line to be relatively enjoyable, but not to the extent of EE.

7DMT has a few fun interactive elements in the queue, but very little “story telling” additions, and I would only go through it if I knew there would only be a short “line” once I went through the queue.

I have yet to see the “new” PP queue. I’ve heard it’s pretty cool, but there is no way I’d wait an hour for PP just to see the queue, and I always have other RD priorities. Who knows; maybe on some future trip I will make it a priority just so I can say I’ve seen it.

Although I’ve not seen it yet myself, I’ve heard that the full queue for FOP is very well done, and might be worth seeing in it’s entirety. My plan for my now-cancelled trip was to FPP it early, and then go back just before closing to take in the whole queue.


I think the question is how long are you willing to wait? For me hardly at all.

In TSL, TSM is the most interactive queue and it’s also inside. So I would wait in that line over ASS even if TSM is a bigger priority.

FOP is 100% worth it!

None… but that’s just me. I don’t want to wait if I don’t have too.

There are plenty of great queues that make the waits easier, but not “must see”. I can only think of one ride in all of Orlando where the queue is intriguing enough to wait an hour + to see it. (HP Forbidden Journey at Universal - It does so many show elements that it’s almost an attraction / “castle tour” by itself.)


Thanks so much for all the feedback!! I really appreciate it! I haven’t been to disney since I was a kid and I’m taking my children on a week long one and only trip. Planning is intense!! My fastpass day is in two weeks. Yikes!

PS Agree the Hogwarts castle was an incredible queue!!

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For me it’s easier to tell you which queues to avoid being in. For example, I love Jungle Cruise. However, I will only go with a FPP. That outdoor queue can be super hot and is nothing more than back & forth rope lanes.

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The queue for FOP is incredible and worth seeing (but not necessarily if the wait is 3 hours). The queue for PP is pretty cool but I wouldn’t wait in the 60+ minute line that usually there is. The museum like part of the EE queue is great but if the line is long then you are just standing outside initially. I don’t think the queue for 7DMT is worth waiting through.

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