Skin Tattoos on Magic Band Help...Please

I bought some Frozen skin tattoos at Target. Now, how do I get them to stay in place on our Magic Bands, and continue looking nice during our 11 days of use?

Haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard that clear nail polish works really well!

@Sorcerers_Apprentice has the best instructions. Tagging to get her attention

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I’ve heard that too, but had some flake off my MB in June :frowning:, and we didn’t do anything too daring.

I learned and observed SAs technique, so here is the basic user approach:

  1. Prepare your equipment: tattoos, clear nail polish - I use wet & wild because it is cheap and working with new polish makes this easier and more fun, if you are into sparkles buy glitter polish too. For glitter polish, the small the glitter produces a more subtle effect. I have gone as far as experimenting with glitter powder and sprinkling on to wet polish. Good scissors. I went over board and used an exacto knife too - this helped to cut / scrape the excess tat from the gray edges of the band. Tooth picks are also awesome supplies to edge out grooves / clean up lines of polish
  2. Cut your tat to about the correct size.
    2.5 Working with the band in it’s circle shape, since this is the shape it will be on your wrist, makes sense. It’s never going to be flat. Snap the band at the proper size setting and I use a couple glasses to keep them upright for applying tats. They can lay on their sides to dry nail polish.
  3. Decide on the base you want. Clear nail polish is a minimum, it provides a little bit of a stick surface for the tat. But, you may choose to use the glitter polish as a base. I used a really nice purple nail polish once to change the entire band color. I think SA is skilled to the point where she can apply white polish as a base to key areas that really make the tats stand out and pop. If you are doing characters with faces this would be a neat trick to figure out. Elsa can turn out looking a little “yellow” if you apply her directly to the yellow band. The closer you cut the tat and the more detailed you are in setting up a good neutral base the better a character or face character will show. I am terrible at this an now I don’t even do Disney characters but opt for suns, stars, flowers and more artsy styles
    3.5 You need to plan if you are going to base coat and top coat your grey edges. The deep groove provides a nice break point and make the polish easy to get right to the edge. I’ve tried using the nail polish PENS, the ones used to do nail art, to fill the groove and make special designs on the grey edge. It works well, but you need a steady hand. I did white in the groove of a red band that I tried a Mickey them on.
  4. Let that base coat dry
  5. Remember to remove the plastic backing, I just use a water bottle to soak it and paper towel to apply the tat. Just like on your skin when the tat is initially very wet and still stuck the the paper you have a chance to slide it into place. This is a very short window of opportunity so plan well
  6. Remove the paper
  7. I am a sloppy tat person, I end up with excess / spills over the edges. Using my exacto knife I begin to remove he excess. Going slowly so that I dont smear the wet tat. It’s easy to get the excess up before it dries but you need to be careful not to tear and smear the key area of the tat that you want to keep. If you spend detailed and focused time cutting and aligning before you apply, this step is a non factor
  8. Squirrel…WDW resort show is on TLC…sorry about that
  9. Let the tat dry completely - it’s hard to wait for this.
  10. Apply more tats as desired.
  11. A note on tat selection: Go ahead and tat over the Mickey head. It’s nice to have your design right in the middle. I did an all purple band, then used super glue applied with toothpicks to Mickeys head and glitter dusted just the head with silver. It was AWESOME until I didn’t know better to stop and I glitter polish the whole band and it turned into a bad art project.
  12. You can use those nail polish pens to add more design elements
  13. When it is all dry, use your brand new clear polish and cover the whole band using a lot of polish on the brush and long strokes. I have done a glitter overlay, which is fine, but know that it will obscure the tats, which depending on your design might be desirable.
  14. Now cancel and the then rebook your vacation so you get an second set of bands
  15. Get the kids to open the band box of non-decorated bands. “No, no…something must be wrong. We are going to WDW - it’s a magical place! GO get my magic wand up in my room - let’s see if we can fix this!” While they run upstairs and you drink the end of your morning champagne before the taxi arrives, switch boxes. The names are the same, the box is the same. “Ok, now kids, lets all make one wish that we have for this vacation…[insert wishes, get all pixie dusty in your eyes, hugs kids, hug spouse if applicable]…Biibidy, Bobbidy, BOO!” Presto the Disney magic has struck and your plain bands have been magical turned into the Magic Bands of the Magic trip.

I did the box switch with my BFF and her daughter and it was AWESOME! My DS10 had his suspicions but he couldn’t be sure. When I caught red jewels (and a champagne cork for my BFF), a golf ball and people called her by name - BFF’s DD10 had to finally ask me how I made it happen. Not me, it’s Disney magic and all you have to do is believe. SOLD!


Thank you for the very detailed instructions. Seems a little more “involved” than I was hoping. I like #8…I was watching the Disney shows on TLC too! Although they seemed a little outdated, it got me “in the mood” (like I need any help with that).

Again MagicMN,thank you… that took quite a while to type up. I bought two packs of tats so I might try everything out on an old band first.

It’s as easy or hard as you make it - some people are SUPER detailed and put more effort into it. I can slap mine together in a total of 15 minutes now. They are not works of art, but sure are fun


Here are some peoples finished products, including my own, which I hand painted.

It seems intimidating, but it’s not really.

Enjoy and have fun!!

You are scaring me @MagicMN

NO - it’s SUPER easy! I promise. They come out cleaner / look better if you cut to size. And it’s just more fun if you use new nail polish.

Let me know if anyone wants some practice bands - I’d be happy to send you some!

Can I use stickers also or is there a reason you only recommend tatoos?

Old bands also work and are attached to your name. Last time we went, we did tats in our old bands in favorite characters, then did special Christmas tats for the Christmas party! It was fun to have different bands for the trip. You can’t get them mixed up…you have to use a band assigned to you, but any previous bands will work.