Skeptical about wait times for Easter

I’m going the week of Easter and yet some of the wait times in my TP seem very light (given level 10 crowds) .

Since Easter is very early this year, I’m curious if the compiled data used to estimate times is based on historical crowd levels for Easter or rather for March 27th.

I asked @len this very question last week, and he said that “movable” holidays, such as Easter, ARE taken into account when calculating the CLs/ lines. Others have also commented about the seemingly unrealistically low wait time over Easter. Personally, I would be on the skeptical side too…

A quick sanity check is to look at the same park, same time of day, for Easter 2015. We should have both the posted and actual waits on the site.

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I stand corrected: Easter 2015 crowd level was a 7. Hoping for the same this year!


Yay! Let me know if there’s anything else we can help with. Thanks for using the site!