Skeptical about touring plan and wait times

I’ve been tweaking my tp for this Sun 10/16 at MK and it is suggesting that I go to Peter Pan first and ride with only a 5 min wait. Then it has us at 7DMT at 8:22 with a 12 min. wait. No FPP for either. I’d love to be true but does it sound right to anyone? The tp also has us riding 12 rides by noon! Did I do something wrong?

I would switch Peter Pan and the mine train or get a fastpass for one of them. 12 rides by noon sounds about right. We did 11 attractions/ characters between 8 and 11 am on a crowd level 5 day at MK with EMH. We got the most accomplished at all four parks in the mornings when we rope dropped.

I would also swap the order of those 1st 2. But 12 rides sounds possible if you start right at rope drop. We did 11 rides from 9-12 on a crowd level 9 day.