Size of Wall-safe at AKL?

Does anyone know how big (or small I should say) is the wall safe at AKL standard view room?? Can it fit a 13" laptop?? This information is so hard to find on the web. I swear I am going to measure it and share with everyone else after returning from the trip.


I can fit my iPad2 in it, plus various handheld devices but my son could not put his laptop in it. I have never had an issue leaving the laptop in the luggage.

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I can’t speak specifically for the AKL wall safe, but at WL (and I would assume they’re similar), we have never tried to put our laptop (13" MacBook Pro) in it, but have put 2 iPads and a couple camera lenses in there at the same time w/ no problem. I have done the same as @PrincipalTinker stated w/ the laptops in our luggage and just locked the luggage w/ the locks we had on them for the flight.
You’re right about that kind of detail being hard to find online! I’m sure many people would appreciate your posting about it!

And I just wanted to chime in that perhaps we are too trusting but we just put our electronics away (don’t leave them out, but don’t lock them up in a safe or otherwise) and we have never had an issue.

Lol, I think my son (who usually loses his shoes) just leaves the lap top plugged in most days when I think about it.