Sitting for Illuminations?

We don’t need the best view ever, but my 73 year old dad and I are doing an afternoon/evening at Epcot in May, on a 4 crowd day I think. I’d really like him to be able to sit for the show since standing hurts his titanium knee, but we don’t want to use FPP for it. Any areas with benches/grass/etc that we could sit and watch from a distance? Sounds like very long/difficult to guarantee a good view from any of the restaurants (R&C, etc). Suggestions?

There are some concrete benches in front of Japan, and we thought the view there was very nice. You will probably have to stake out these spots really early though.

Actually, I would recommend getting him a scooter for EP; it’s SO big, and he would have a seat for Illuminations. I also believe that there is a reserved wheelchair/scooter viewing area. At least there was a number of years ago.

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Maybe try La Hacienda? We were there on a Saturday night for it and just checked in 20 min early and were able to wait for a window seat for a 745 reservation.

We watched from the ramp in front of the Odyssey Building. Not really a place to sit but you can lean on the railing. We got there less than 15 minutes before it started and there was still room. Not a perfect view but decent - trees just blocked a bit at the bottom. You are elevated a bit so it helps you see over the crowd standing around the water.

There are a few tables and some chairs beside the beer cart in the England pavillion also. They go early, but it’s a nice secluded spot to sit.

Great idea… thanks quicha!

Hey @mossymom - I’m going this May and have a very similar situation, going just for afternoon/evening with DM who’s 71 and her cousin who is a few years older. Also will have DD2. Just curious where you ended up and/or any advice. Thanks!

We had an amazing trip! But for Illuminations… I took the easy way out. Our only splurge of the trip was an Illuminations cruise, which we shared with another liner to save some money. And it was AWESOME! It was so perfect… boat ride from Yacht Club down to HS and then back up, parked right under bridge, snacks on board, amazing view, and easy drop off back to Yacht Club when we were done! Comfy boat with nice seating

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