Site-wide Slowness Monday, 10/6

We’ve identified some database performance issues with the site that affected response times on Monday, October 6.

Early this morning (Tuesday, Oct 7), we made some changes to the database to help with performance. We’ll watch the site today and see how that does.

On a related note, we just passed 120,000 current subscriptions, so it may be time to upgrade the database itself to more powerful hardware. That would require a tiny amount of downtime, which we’ve give plenty of notice for.


Congrats on the number of subscriptions!

On a side note, make sure that the new hardware can go up to 11…

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The site should be noticeably zippier today. I’m pleased with how the changes have improved the database.

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Just to close out this thread:

Prior to the database change on Tuesday, we were regularly hitting 100% CPU utilization on the site, causing slowness.

After the changes, we haven’t hit 40% for any 5-minute period at any time. So…success!

The changes we made involved adding indexes to some tables, to help some infrequent but large queries.