Single Rider Line Wait Times

When I am making my TPs, I am not even including the rides I plan to Single Rider Line. I have just been assuming the waits will be pretty short and I will jump in while my kids are eating ice cream with my husband or something. Is this a mistake?

On average, how long would you say the single rider lines for RnR and EE are? (no one else in my family will ride these, so just me!)

I have heard that RnR can be pretty long.

I’ve heard that also. If you are heading to RnR shortly after TSL, like around 9:30ish, you may be just fine in regular standby or single rider as well. We had very short wait at RnR at that time of morning, since the huge crowd was still at TSL.

We rode SDD, AS2 at rope drop (still had a 20 minute wait for SDD because crowd ran in front of us). We did however skip TSMM since the wait by then was over 30 minutes.

Actually, you could also add in RnR to your personal touring plan, even though it’s just yourself riding. That would give you a more accurate timeframe for the standby line. I have heard that the SB and single rider there is virtually the same timeframe. Can’t imagine how that happens, but that’s what they say.

I’m doing something like this by giving each of my 3 kids one of my Fps for the big rollercoasters, since I can’t ride them. So I’m careful to actually schedule in a break or another attraction where they can catch up with us- for example, for RnR the rest of the family is going to the Launch Bay; for BTMRR to Sunshine Tree Terrace; and for Space the dessert party.

It always takes longer than it seems like it should, and the lengths of the rides themselves are not negligible.

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Well dang! There goes that theory.

On the up side, I have heard good things about EE SR!

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yes, it seems to move much faster than both TT and RnRC single rider

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The best I can tell, the SR line for RnRC is the slowest on property. They seem to assign all of the best groupers to RnRC.

EE SR line moves pretty well, but will be proportional to the CL. It will not be short on a CL9+ day.

TT SR line, IMO, moves the best of the three. This is most likely (IMO) because the ride vehicles are 3 to a row; 6 to a vehicle total. Which means that the most common parties need to be “topped up” with SRs to fill a vehicle, and adding 2 to a party of 4 doesn’t work as well.

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