Single Rider Line Rock N Roll Roller coaster HS

I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences with the single rider line for RRR. I have read reviews that the single rider line can be as long as the regular line. Thanks!

I use it regularly. Though they warn you about the potential wait, I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes from getting in the queue to finishing the ride. That was when standby was over an hour. Once I was the only person in it. You get in line, they let you in, you still go into the “pre-show”, then you stay in a separate line to load. As singles open up, they load very efficiently.

If it’s a very crowded day, plan on maybe 20-25 minutes for the whole ride.

The two times I have tried SR for RNR during a busy time, we waited over 1hr. Posted standby was less than our wait time. Now right at RD or first 1hr of park opening it is usually pretty fast.

Have used it on various days and times results have been 20-75 mins. Standby times were between 45-90. We were really lucky a few times as there were lots of odd number groups other times haven’t moved for ages as all groups were even numbered. Don’t think our wait was ever longer than sb but it has been pretty much the same

I guess it really is just luck of the draw, hence the disclaimer.
This reminded me of the time at Typhoon Lagoon when I decided to try the Humunga Kowabunga. It’s quite a long way up the stairs to the top. Once I got there, I turned around to see literally 75 Brazilians behind me. There were only 4 people in front of me. Had I waited another 30 seconds, my wait for the slide would have been a heck of a lot longer.
So, you could get in the single rider line only to find that there are 30 others ahead of you, and nothing but pairs in the standby line. Or, you can get lucky and get on quickly.

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On our last trip, we waited 30 minutes when standby was 40.

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Do you think you would prefer to wait the extra 10 minutes to ride with your family?

If we’d known it would be 30 minutes we wouldn’t have bothered! We thought it would be quick, we needed to get back for JTA! DS loved single rider because he felt grown up (he was 7!). So he always wanted to do it regardless.

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I am amazed at a lot of your experiences! I have used the single rider lane a ton of times…my wife rode once and she vowed never again!!) and I have never waited more than 20 minutes. I must have ridden RRR via the single rider approx 15-20 times and of those times I would estimate 15 have been 10 mins or less.

As I write this I can already feel my ‘winning streak’ coming to an end…I wasnt aware that I was being lucky with my single rider experience and no doubt I will forever more be waiting 3-4 hours :smiley: