Single Rider line for Test Track

Can someone explain how this works? Do you just get put in someone else’s car that they designed? ( we have never been able to ride it) We had to do the fast pass+ for Frozen. My niece is 7. So I am trying to figure out if the three of us should try this (me, my niece and her dad).

When you use a single rider line, you will be separated. You may end in the same car but probably be 1 in the front seat and one in the back seat. What they do is use the people from the single rider line to fill in the seats. You have no say in where you will be sitting or how you will be split up.

The cars (ride vehicles) have two rows of three seats each. The CM will add single riders to fill the vehicle. Each person gets to design a car, linked to your MagicBand. When you pass through the loading station for your vehicle, you scan for your seat position. Each ride vehicle moves exactly the same as all others, every time, with no effect from your design. However, the computer system will show “test” results after every ride segment, based on the features you designed into your own car. Purely theoretical test results, but it can still be fun. I did the single rider line, designed my own car, and had way more fun than I expected when I saw my car win a couple segments.

You just ride in a “generic” car. Splitting up is as others have said. After the ride there is a design station if you want to do any of the activities at the end.

The single rider line doesn’t have the full, cool design your car stations. You get a watered down version that doesn’t allow you much more than to pick from about 5 pre designed cars. You’ll get that on your screen when you ride.

DS is 8 now and he’s not comfortable with single rider - the thought of him riding by himself with strangers scares the heck out of him, so it’s not an option for us right now. If you do it, make sure your niece is comfortable being split up for yourself and her dad.

You’ve got me curious - how many different features do you get to choose in the standby line? I picked color, shape, and suspension, and possibly more in the single rider line.

For single rider if there are 3 of you, just send 1 adult first, the kid in the middle & another adult last. That way someone is waiting on the kid to get off and someone else is behind if there were issues where the kid didn’t want to ride for some reason. No worries about “losing” the child that way…

My impression was the single rider queue has the full car options for design. Although others in the line can pass you up if they don’t want to design. Although IIRC, when we rode single rider I don’t think we designed before & just did it after the ride. Another option is to go in the exit where the car displays are and you can take your time to do a full design there and walk back to the single rider line…

Do make sure to scan your magic band at the ride loading point to get your car matched up to your seat…

Thanks everyone for your insight.
Damavs- That is exactly what I was thinking on putting her in the middle.
FindMeAFishingSpot- I am actually going to ask her when we get to the line. She is very mature and I will let her decide. Knowing her she might even say skip it…since no Princesses involved LOL. The trip is for her so she is the boss.

I actually thought that even when we put her in the middle of the single rider line; could we not wait on a car needing two passengers and let the other people in line ahead of us till one came available (so at least one of us would be in the car with her)?

I also remember picking out tires, motor, streamlining the chassis and even how far apart I wanted the tires to be @mkmuzzy

That sounds like the full design sequence. My impression was the terminals were the same, it was just up to you on how long you wanted to spend and risk others bypassing you in the single rider line.

I don’t think they will let you do two of you from the single rider line. That’s why it’s the “single” rider line. It’s easy for them to get two from the standby line.

Btw, Radiator Springs Racers in Carsland DCA works exactly the same. Single riders will miss some of the (excellently-themed) queue, but will load onto the “ride” much, much faster. Similar vehicles w/ 3 by 3 seating mean lots of empty seats.

Since this topic has been resurrected anyway, maybe some one can clarify for me…

I will be the only one in my party of 4 who will want to ride, but I can see my boys loving the design aspect. I was initially planning to keep the family together through the stand-by line so they could design the car I would test drive - and then have them use the chicken exit (if there is one for this ride). But after reading the posts on this thread, it seems there is a better option. Can some one verify if I understand this correctly? My boys can design a car at the EXIT of the ride (instead of IN the line), add it to my MagicBand, and then I can ride single rider using the car they designed for me?

Yes, they can design a car in the play area at the exit

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