Single Rider in Touring Plan

I am new to making TouringPlans online, and I LOVE it, but I can’t seem to figure out how to select the option of the single rider line. I plan to use that line for Test Track, but I can’t change it in my plan, so it has me spending 60 min in line, and messes up the rest of the plan. Any advice?

It used to be an option before fpp. Not sure why they eliminated it, but the data is there. Email What I did was monitor epcot and hs lines for a few days to see what single rider for test track and r&rcoaster would be around the time I wanted to ride them, then put a break in for that time and called it, “tt single rider”.

So I have a 15 minute “break” entered around 10am in my tp.

There’s a workaround for everything. :wink:

Go well.

Nice workaround!

We can also apparently make as many fastpass+ reservations as you want, so I just listed it as a 4th FP, which has the same effect. Thanks