Single Rider - How to incorporate into a Touring Plan

I enjoy building my touring plans but I am frustrated by not being able to incorporate Single Rider usage into my touring plan. I am coming in ahead of a conference in late April and will be in HS and Epcot on my own. I plan on riding Rock n Roller but the touring plan shows a 57 minute wait. I know it will not be that long using single rider and I specifically did not use a fastpass because I plan on taking advantage of the single rider line. This impacts the timing of other rides later in the plan. Any ideas on how to work around this, or just plan to ride the ride back to back to account for the time the touring plan is using?

I would usually put in a FP for the plan, but with RnRC I wouldn’t expect single rider to be much shorter so I wouldn’t for that. To be honest, I’ll never get in that single rider line again.


For Expedition Everest you could pretend you had a FP to get a Single Rider estimate. For Rock n Roller it gets worse then standby, so I would just avoid it.


Amen! I did it once and we got so jammed in the holding pen they had to run like 3 trains of only single riders after a couple of people had full-blown panic attacks and we were all yelling there was no more room.

Of course they were doing a crappy job of recognizing people in the regular line who were lying about having an even number so someone in their odd group didn’t have to sit with someone else. (Other times I have been since I have seen CMs stationed around the curve specifically to catch that.) But still, never again.


I would just go and ride it when your plan tells you to do so, then hit the done button and OPTIMIZE after that. everything should shift.

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The single rider lines aren’t always open, so you could also just add everything you want to the touring plan, even if you end up with the “anything after this point will likely not get done because of time” (or whatever it is it actually says) notice, leave it as is, and then when you do get the single rider line, tap done and refresh to adjust the timing for the rest of the plan.

I agree with others the RNR single rider line is horrific. That said, when I use it for EE I put in a rest at the ice cream cart near by for 10-15 minutes and use that. Sometimes depending on the low wait we ride a few times. Just a thought.