Single Day with AP Renewal Certificate

My family and I have a AP renewals that have the 2030 expiration date for our planned trips this and next summer (hopefully another mixed in there as well), but I also have a planned trip down to Orlando for a golf trip in June where I was going to do non-golf day in a park, which if I used my AP for would cause it to expire before the 2nd family trip.

If I buy a 1 day pass, how would I be sure it used that and didn’t start the time of my AP? I assume I’d check with guest services on the way in, but has anyone done this successfully? Thanks.

I did it before covid, and yes, you have to go to guest services FIRST, before you tap at a park. Then they can prioritize which ticket gets used first.

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I am not even sure you need to go to guest services. If you add a one day ticket to MDE, it is the active ticket. An AP must be explicitly activated in person at guest services. So if you went to tap in, the AP isn’t even available yet to use unless you explicitly activated it.

That makes sense, but if I’ve learned anything from this forum it is, don’t trust Disney IT to do things correctly

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Well, what I know for sure was that my AP had to be activated in person before I could use it. I made a trip to DS the day before our first park day to take care of it so as not to interfere with RD.

I actually had it take my pass over my one day ticket, and that’s why the next time I had to go to guest services.

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How did your pass get activated?

I have no idea. I bought it online to hold onto to avoid a price increase, so I assumed it was safe until I went to guest services and activated it. I had package tickets that I was planning on using in 2019, so I was totally shocked when I looked in MDE and saw that my pass had been activated and the clock had started.

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Well, wow!

Disney IT epicly fails again!

Yeah I was mad. But, on the bright side, that mistake let me buy a new AP yesterday bc I cancelled that one during covid.


@ninjasherrie @ryan1 When you make a park reservation, do you choose at that point if you’re using a a pass or a ticket to do that? (I have no idea, just thinking in pixels.)

If you have an AP in the system, whether it is activated or not, the system will allow you to make a park reservation (subject to availability).

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I have a couple of 4 day no-expiry tickets, and I just attached them to others I manage in MDE until such time that I want to use them… so that’s another option. You can even create a dummy person to attach to. I did this when I did a one day trip to MK. (Pre AP)

When they hardly had any AP openings I was forced to buy a FL-Resident discovery ticket and GS had to help me make pk res since MDE defaulted to AP. Each time I wanted to use my park tic I had to call GS BUT only once did they manage to charge my FL-tic. SO, if you don’t want your AP being used I’d get a hard ticket and use the physical ticket to go through the park styles. That still doesn’t resolve which ticket will be used to res the park day on your MDE though. I hope this makes sense.

So I just tried to make park reservations for myself and the friend that is going with me. I purchased 1 day passes for both of us. The system would not allow me to book both of us at the same time because we had “different ticket types” so I guess if you have a AP certificate it defaults to that even if you have day passes just like @ninjasherrie experienced.

Gotta love Disney logic.

oh, I have an idea… in your MDE assign that reg pk tic to another name?

I am going to try that.

Magicbands can be reassigned right?

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Yes, magicbands can be reassigned. And tickets can be reassigned in MDE up until first use. I wish I had thought of this earlier :rage: would have saved hours of wait time w/ GS on the phone

Last thing. I can’t seem to find a place to reassign magicbands. Just activate and deactivate.

I’m looking now… someone else might beat me to an answer… brb