Single Day Universal and IOA

Looking for advice. We have a 9year old boy and 11 girl. We are coming over from Magic Kingdom for the day. Main thing is the Harry Potter stuff. We intend to be there all day. Is it enough time to hit all the major rides? We have the Fast Passes for all in our party. Do we need 2 days or can Universal and IOA be done in a full day?

Firstly exp pass isnt valid for most of harry potter stuff so it won’t help with that. In 1 day you will be able to do wwohp and another 2/3 rides per park. if its not too busy. You need 2 days to do most of the parks and 3 to see everything.I would suggest 1 day without exp pass for wwohp and non headliners and 1 day with exp pass for headliners .Subscribe to the uni lines part of the web site and they have 1 and 2 day tp and a seperate lines app as well as chat.Think there is a 1 day wwohp tp. My kids are ages with yours and they want more time at uni/ioa than wdw as the rides are more intense So we are doing 5 days wdw and 5 at uni/ioa next time.

Yes, you can do many of the major attractions in a single day if you are motivated and have a good set of TPs. How much you can do depends on the Crowd Levels for the day you will be there, but having Express Pass will help out.

Check out the Universal Orlando Highlights One-Day/Two-Park Plan for Adult Off-Site Guests - there are two parts to this because you can only have one park in a given TP They will give you a good idea of what you can accomplish. Using them as a guideline, make your own PTPs and Optimize them for the day in question, making sure to indicate that you are staying off-site but will have XP.

It can be done just as Epcot/DAK/DHS can be in one day. You’ll be skipping attractions, sit down meals, and other smaller experiences. Harry Potter alone can be 5+ hours by itself.

We are doing the same thing - boys 12, 8 and 8. We are staying one night (6/14/15) at Universal to get the express pass and early entry and spend 6/15 at both parks, leaving our RV at Fort Wilderness. Our total focus is Harry Potter, anything else is a bonus. Should we hit IOA first because of early entry, even though it will probably be less busy than Diagon Alley? Should we maybe ride WWoHP on early entry, head directly to HW express for Gringotts and go back to Hogsmeade later? jpinmo - have you done this or are you still planning? All advice is welcome, thanks.