Single Day Tickets - Will I Make a Package?

I am making a quick trip in 23 days with my granddaughter to use expiring airline tickets. I booked 2 nights at AS Sports as room only. Plans are finally settled but there is a small chance the dates might need to be moved. I must use the airline tickets by mid-February. I would like to add single day tickets to MK now so I can make FFP reservations for each of us. Disney is the cheapest place to buy the 1 day tickets. Will I recreate a package and loose the 5 day cancellation time for the room only reservation? I would like to keep the flexibility for another 10 days but hate to delay making FFP any longer.

Nope it won’t make a package. You can purchase the tickets separately and then link to whoever you need to. Room is already booked and loaded in MDE with deposit already paid?


As mentioned above, adding separately purchased tickets will not turn you reservation into a package.

However, I am curious - why are you buying only a single day ticket? As your hotel reservation is for two nights you will have up to 4 days in the parks. As unused tickets don’t expire, I would buy the number of days that I would need so that I can make FPP reservations for the whole trip.

Trip is limited due to work schedule. We are flying in Saturday evening, touring on Sunday, flying home early Monday. We have a long drive to and from the airport which has limited schedules to Florida. I am an accountant, so I can’t justify sending an additional $200 for another days ticket for DGD and me for 2 to 3 hours in a park on Saturday night or Monday morning. We don’t go often enough to make an annual pass work.

Am I missing a strategy here?

Ah, I see now - with your flight schedule there really is no value in getting an extra day. Still, one day in a park is much better than none! :smiley: