Single day Memory Maker not available?

Don’t see it available in the MDE app, nor is it available on the Disney site. Anyone know what’s up?

Have the app, logged in, tickets are linked… am I missing something?


You can only purchase it after your visit. You pick the day you want to buy after seeing your photos online.

So go hog wild with the photos and then check the app or site the next day?

Yep. As long as you have a band or card to scan /link they will show up. Then the single day purchase should be available along with the other purchase options (single photo/calanders etc)

Cool. Just doing MK the one day, with the grandparents, want pix for that day. Just have cards.

Guess we should get the Photopass guys to take ones with our cameras too, to be sure.

Not that I am anxious or anything…

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Yes, and they are happy to do it.

You could also buy one magic band before you go to make sure it’s not an issue.

Leaving tomorrow. Where do I get one?

You can get them pretty much anywhere on site. If you buy it at the parks or Disney Springs they’ll activate it and attach it to your account right there on the spot. The plain ones run about $13 or they have various printed designs and limited edition fancier ones that will run between $20 and $30.

Hi ! Having the same question for a one day visit only at MK in june. Why is a Magic band recommended for Photopass ? We’ll only have tickets that I’m planning to pick up at Disney Springs the day before.

Magic bands are simply a convenience. Everyone can wear their tickets/fp’s/photopass instead of having to manage multiple cards and passes. Without them you’ll use your park ticket to get in and use your fp’s so you’ll need to keep track of who’s ticket is which, and be ready to whip them out every time you want to use a fp, and for photo’s they’ll give you a separate ticket that will need to be scanned whenever you get a picture taken and you’ll have to make sure that ticket is with anyone getting a picture.

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Thank you @Outer1 ! Last trip was in 2013 before Magic Bands. And we usually stay for a week on site. Are the Magic Bands reusable ? Say for a future trip in 2017 ?

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Yes they are reusable. They ‘say’ the battery is only rated for about a year but lots of people have been using them well past that time. They really are convenient and having used them for a couple of trips now if I were to be offsite and know what I know now I would think they were worth purchasing, although if you’re only going for one day it might be a little iffy on that. Have you already paid for the tickets and linked them so you can at least make FP reservations? The pickings are likely going to be a little slim waiting until the day before.

Yes I bought the tickets this morning and linked them to MDE. Chose Will Call to avoid the expensive shipping fees since we are from Canada.

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If you decide to buy Magic bands for a future trip you won’t have to pick up the tickets, just FYI, as long as the band and the ticket are both listed in your MDE account you’re good to go. But if your future trip includes an onsite stay you’ll get free bands then anyways.

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Just visited Epcot for one day on June 1st. We had tickets (cards) that we wore on lanyards along with our trading pins. This worked well. The photopass & fastpass just need to tap your card, so you don’t need to worry about taking it out of the lanyard. For a one day visit I didn’t feel it was worth it to purchase magicbands. Also, you can buy one day memory maker anytime after your 1st picture is taken. It is available in the park, or in the app only. You can’t buy it online. Our one day memory maker was $59, and our family of 4 had 109 pictures on photopass in just one day. You’ll have to decide if you think that’s worth it. I had the photographers use our camera too, and they were happy to do so, but their pictures came out so much better, especially the ones at night.

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