Simple tipping question

I’m having dinner at V&A and my plan is to carry my jacket and so on in a suit carrier and drop it off at bell services at the GF in the morning, then pick it up in the afternoon before changing for dinner.


  1. Do I have to tip when I drop it off?

  2. Presumably I do have to tip when I pick it up. How exactly do I do this? Is there some sophisticated, subtle, half-hidden way of doing it, or do I slap a note down on the table and say “suck on this, big boy”.

  3. After I’ve changed, I’ve now got a suit carrier with my day clothes in it. Can I take this into the V&A and they’ll discreetly put it somewhere, or do I have to go back to bell services, leave it with them. no doubt tip again, then pick it up after dinner and, er, tip for the fourth time that day on the same bag?

Tell you what. If I were you I would leave it at bell services and tell them your plan so you don’t have to keep checking and unchecking it. When you pick it up for the final time and if they handled it correctly with a smile, then is the time to leave a tip. Service dictates the size of the tip you leave as far as I am concerned. Of coarse as in previous posts, some will disagree on how and when to tip, so this is my way as an American on what most people would do if they are watching expenditures. :nerd_face:


I think I’d be inclined to tip when I dropped it off, explain your plan as @DocHopper says, and tip again at the end. A decent tip though considering they’ll have been hauling it in and out.

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I would do $2 at drop off and $2-5 at pick up. If they are friendly and make conversation I would tip on the higher end.

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Not that it’s not confusing enough already, especially from a foreign guest perspective, I’d drop it off, tip the first change, give it back, and tip the final pickup. $1-$2 each of those 2 times.

#1 / #3. I’d tip a dollar or two each time I picked it up. I’ve never tipped when dropping an item off. (Have I been doing it wrong? I don’t leave things with bell services often, maybe I’m just not in the know.)

#2. I’ve never tried this, but I know some people fold the money into their hand and then shake hands with the person they’re tipping, leaving the money behind. I usually just smile, make eye contact and say thanks for your help as I hand them the tip.


I would only tipped when dropping off if the person went above and beyond to help me with my plan.

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I have nothing to add advice wise, but I would pay money to watch you do that! :joy::joy:


Obviously I’m no expert on tipping either but what @joefishing209 said seems reasonable to me, $2 when you drop off (or when you pick it up the first time) and $5 when you’re leaving.


I think you have watched a few too many old movies. :rofl: I believe back in the days of probition they used to slip the door guard a little to get in the joint that way. As I wasn’t around quite that early in life, I also have seen this in the movies. :smiley:

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Oh god yes, please do #2 option. I’m picturing it now!

Ok, as someone who has used bell services, I tip when I pick up. The process isn’t awkward in the least. The gents take your stuff, ask your name (at this point explain the reason for using BS at the GF), and hand you a stub for you to use upon retrieval.

That being said, I would tip both times, at pick up, as you will be making 2 separate transactions, probably handled by at least 2 different people. Just $2 or so each time. Honestly. It’s just a suit carrier. I’ve seen people check a lifetime’s worth of crap - that would garner a 10 spot. :wink:

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So I think I’m voting for tipping on collection but not drop-off.

Any thoughts on whether I can stash the suit carrier somewhere in the restaurant to avoid having to go back to bell services. (This is not me being cheap. It’s more about convenience.)

Well, as a woman with a purse that has to go somewhere in every restaurant, you could just fold it up and put it on a chair beside or across from you.

Actually, you’ll have your suit on and you’re changing out of, what, shorts, t-shirt and trainers? Stuff them in your back pack or a canvas bag and fold up the suit carrier to put in the bag, as well. You can then just keep it by your feet in the restaurant. After all, those clothes don’t have to stay pristine, right?

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The suit carrier is a whole thing. It’s not just a cover. It’s like a small suitcase.

Ah… well, why don’t you just take a small foldable cover and a hanger?

I am going to say: $2-3 when you drop off and the same when you pick up. My general rule is I tip whenever someone is handling my personal belongings. I want Bell services to know me and to help me store/retrieve my belongings.

I do like old movies! I remember the days when AMC actually showed classic movies. How can you beat Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, (young) Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire…


Ah, I think stashing it on the floor at the table would be fine. As @Ariadne says, those of us who carry a purse or even a day bag at WDW would certainly presume to bring it along with us to dine.

And, you’ll seem even more James Bondish (Daniel Craig, of course)…

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:joy::joy: I’m having a very long day, so thank you for giving me a chuckle.