Silly Question about FPP for Shows

So I know for several of the shows, the FPP just ensures you get a seat, not necessarily a preferred seat. There are a couple of instances where I have FPP for 2 members of my party but not the other two. These are mainly at Hollywood studios, where 2 of us will be skipping ToT and RR. We don’t really need the FPP for the shows (like Beauty and the Beast) but mainly have them just to have a FPP for the other two people.
Question: if 2 of us have a FPP for a show like B&B and the other 2 don’t, but are with us, can we go through the FPP line and save them a seat?
If not, it doesn’t matter, we will probably just use the standby line because we are going on low crowd days and there shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just curious on if they will let standby line people sit with FPP people.


I haven’t done all the shows, but the only one I’m aware of that has reserved seating areas is Fantasmic. Generally you can choose your own seats.

The issue will be your friends finding you!

And also the CMs constantly asking you to move right the way along. It’s hard with bench seating to hold those spaces when thenCMs are at the end of a line urging everyone to shift up.

Thanks! That makes sense… I’m thinking of just dropping the FP where we only have 2 - none of the shows are must do and we’re going on a low crowd day with plenty of available time so we should be ok anyway - then I don’t have to worry about it!