Signatures and DDP

Hey all - I am having a hard time deciphering how DDP would work at some sigs. On deluxe DDP, is anything off limits? If you order a steak, does it often come with sides? Or do you choose one from the "sides" menu? looking specifically for knowledge from people who have been to LC, CG, Narcosees, FF, AP. Thank you in advance!

Nothing comes with any entree unless the menu lists it as coming with the entree. If the side is listed separately at its own cash price, it's an extra, and does not come with the meal. Basically, if you'd have to pay more cash for it when paying with cash, you have to pay cash for it when paying with the DDP.

For example, the menu for Le Cellier shows: "Dry-Aged Boneless Rib-Eye: Aged for 14 Days, Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Garlic Butter". So it comes with the Fingerling Potatoes. But you don't get to choose an additional side from the "Sides" part of the menu.

The Deluxe DDP gives you an appetizer with a meal, from the "Appetizers" part of the menu. Now, I'm sure it's possible that some server at one of the restaurants might let you substitute a side for an appetizer, but they're probably not supposed to, and I'd recommend not expecting them to.

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Thanks Mr. Itty! That helps a lot!