Signature Restaurant choices


We have the deluxe dining plan for 7 nights and we are planning to book signature restaurants each evening, so 8 altogether to use up 16 credits each. We will just have a light meal early in the day.
We have chosen 7 restaurants but are stuck for the 8th. So far we have BOG (we don’t want any other character meals or shows or buffets…bottom on seat, glass of wine and relax for me😉), MP and LC, Narcossee and Citricos, Jiko and Flying Fish. What else would you choose? I thought of CG but the vlogs portray it as being very big and noisy. Do they have quiet, corner tables?
I am allowing 30 mins to travel by uber/lyft from AKL to these restaurants and hoping to get ADRs for 8pm, so planning to leave AKL at around 7.15pm . Does this sound about right?


LC? can’t figure that one out. Yachtsman? Disney Springs - Boathouse? Or Cali Grill Brunch on Sunday - not noisy at all! With Uber/Lyft, 30 minutes should be okay


I like Yachtsman, and it’s a very easy walk into Epcot afterwards for a stroll round WS with a cocktail - depending on the timing of course. At 8pm, Epcot would already be shut.

CG would be nice to see HEA but you won’t be able to see the projections so hopefully you’ve got another night to see it in the park. I haven’t been so can’t speak to the table layout but I seem to remember @profmatt being seated in a side room?

I’d say your timing is about right. Maybe earlier for BOG as you’d have to be dropped at the Contemporary and walk, or TTC obviously.


Le Cellier. Boathouse looks noisy.


It is


We have 5 night at FQ afterwards so plan to use that for nighttime park touring. We will be waddling by then :wink:.


We enjoyed Yachtsman quite a bit. If you’re into steak it’s an excellent choice. We also liked Tiffin’s enough we ended up eating there a second time during our visit. It is also relatively convenient to AKL of course.

For Flying Fish & Yachtsman you would have the option of bus to HS and then taking the friendship boat back to Boardwalk/YC if you have the time to spare…


CG is open but we didn’t find it particularly busy and noisy. (We have eaten at Via Napoli and T Rex and those were NOISY! so my opinion may be skewed) It was a nice meal with a magnificent view and fun to step outside for HEA from a distance during our appetizers. Will be repeating.


I would suggest Morimoto or Tiffins.


Tiffins is a must do for us.


If Tiffins is your choice book the ROL package . It is the same two credits but includes an appetizer.


I’d choose CG for the view or tiffins for the ROL package, and it looks comfy.


I wouldn’t choose anything in Disney springs because you’ll only be a boat ride away from there the week after.


Tiffins. We did Citrico’s, HBD and Tiffins during our last stay and Tiffins was our fave. Same as above - suggest the ROL package.

We also enjoy SRT as a nice option for viewing illuminations but it is not signature.


Yes, last year were seated in a separate room all the way down the end of the building with a view of the toilet block. It was awful and I’m still bitter and angry about it.

But to see the fireworks you’re better off going outside onto the terrace. There’s loads of room and it’s easy to get an unobstructed view. They pipe the music outside so it’s all good.

Well, except I personally think watching HEA from anywhere other than inside MK with a clear view of the castle is a bit of a waste of time.

These photos probably contradict what I’ve just said.


Not a waste of time if you also watch another time from inside the hub IMO and great pix


You’re singing my song! This.


I would be tempted to add Artist’s Point to this group.

Though I haven’t been there, I keep hearing good things, and want to get there sometime soon(ish).


It will soon be a one credit character meal. Writing that still makes me a little sad.




I guess that nixes that idea.