Signature meal at the middle or end of trip?

Good morning,

We have a big night out planned with Cinderella’s Royal table and a desert party after.

I wanted to check on if people typically put their special meal earlier in their trip or later. We have younger kids (4 & 7 year old) and weren’t sure if they’d have vacation fatigue and burn out by the week long trip. Did your kids find it more enjoyable early opposed to at the end?

I try to do such things early on. Last trip (9 days with 6 park days) we had FOTLK Tier 1 package at Tiffins scheduled for our second to last day. It was pretty clear by Day 5 (our other AK day) that it wasn’t happening - my kids weren’t going to be able to handle it (they turned 7 and 9 that week). Luckily, I was able to drop the package.

Simpler items went well. We did the Festival of Fantasy package at Tony’s on our last day and that was very chill.

Why? That package sounds awesome and I want to do it on our trip if still available then. It’s not a late night thing so what made you think it wouldn’t work out?

Thank you. I’ll probably be swapping it out…

Tough call. We did BBB and CRT our last day for something special and also to be sure we could get it however DD4 spent the entire trip asking “ when Are we eating at the castle?” so it that regard it might be better to do towards the middle of you can get a reservation. In terms of the dessert party though, if that’s going to be an abnormally late night you might want that last so that they aren’t so tired the rest of the trip. I think I’d also split these up of you have more than one MK day - do you want dessert after a meal at CRT that includes dessert? Unless you do lunch.

Yeah, I thought it would have been great too but it was sort of a combination of things. I have a hard time enjoying myself when I think the kids aren’t behaving well. They try but they are kids and on day 8 of vacation it was simply asking too much of them. I’m absolutely going to try it again next time but much earlier on in the trip.

I also concur with @Flutegarden on splitting them up if possible. CRT and a DP back to back is a lot of food - and simply a lot of stuff for children to process.

Gotcha. I think mine will be able to do it. Youngest will be 9.5 then. We typically death march our Disney trips and relax after the fact, but maybe I should consider doing something with so much time investment early-ish in the trip. I’ve seen great reviews so I really want to try it.

It would have been perfect for our first AK day. Looking forward to hearing your review of it!