Signature Dining Recommendations

Can’t decide on Mom & Dad 1st night out at Signature Dining. Spending day at EPCOT. We are thinking Le Cellier, Narcoossee’s or Flying Fish. Recommendations for restaurant and menu items?

Turning on the “Swan Light” for the resident dining expert @bswan26 :smiley:

I saw you post on chat too! Are you looking for great food or great food and a little romance? I ask because I do not think Le Cellier is romantic at all. I have not been to the new Flying Fish, before the renovation I loved the food but I thought it was very “family friendly”. Are you on the dining plan? If you are not I would suggest you consider BlueZoo or Shula’s.

Yes, on Dining Plan. Looking food 1st, then atmosphere. Based on responses and other reviews I’m thinking Narcoossee’s.

I think that is a great choice. Food I would say Tiffins or Jiko (and I would argue the atmosphere for both is pretty amazing too) but those are AKL, AK.

I think the best food is at Monsieur Paul, and it’s a more “refined” adult environment. Jiko is also at the top of my list. If going to the GF, I like both the food and atmosphere at Citrico’s better than Narcoossee’s. Haven’t been to FF since they reopened; the food was good, but not an atmosphere I’d associate with “fine dining”. But for overall experience, my favorite “date night” is CG with Wishes.


3rd vote for Jiko!


4th for Jiko!!