Signature Dining on Dining Plan/Using 2 credits

I realize that it isn’t really a “good use” of your dining credits to book Signature Dining. So, I’m not debating whether it’s a good financial decision.

What I’d like to know is, if one goes to one of these restaurants (such as Flying Fish or Boathouse), where the menu separates main dishes from the sides, do you have to pay out of pocket if you want one of the sides with your main dish? I think I already know the answer, but am hoping your main dish would actually come with some sides!

I have gone to the Boathouse! With all the food that I received I did not need a side, but I do believe I would have had to pay separately for them. To me, I don’t think it was a waste of time :slight_smile: I really enjoyed a nicer restaurant! Enjoy and have fun :slight_smile:

Interesting! I looked closer at Boathouse and those mains do have sides with them. I guess I was looking at certain parts of the Flying Fish menu where it appears that it’s just the fish in its sauce.

I enjoy nicer restaurants also :slight_smile: But, there are many nice 1 credit restaurants (Chefs, Boma). But, I’m very tempted to try one of these signature meals as we Loooooveee good food.

You can really tell a difference in Signature Rest. I feel! I have done several restaurants for as long as I have gone :slight_smile: I even seen many families in Boathouse :slight_smile: I have not been to Flying Fish so I’m not sure how they will work!

The restaurants that I have ate at so far are:

Trail’s End
'Ohana (for breakfast and dinner)
Cape May Cafe
Be Our Guest
Liberty Tree Tavern
Coral Reef
Teppan Edo
Via Napoli
50’s Prime Time
Rainforest Cafe
Chef Mickey
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Le Cellier
Hoop De Doo
Spirit of Aloha

I think that’s about it of the TS locations :slight_smile:

Tell me, of those you’ve done, which were your favorite for the food (not the character experience). And, I’d love to hear more about Ohana cuz it kind of gets mixed reviews. I’m tempted, but torn about whether to do a signature instead or a park restaurant, since we won’t be staying there.

We’ve done
Raglan Road
BOG dinner and lunch (I thought dinner was overrated along with their cupcakes)
Sanaa (bread service was to die for, but I’ve had better curry)
Mama Melrose (pleasantly surprised and will go again)
Chefs de France (superb food and experience)
Wave (excellent)
1900 Park Fare (totally enjoyable and food was very good…I was surprised because I’m not a fan of buffets usually…but Disney buffets seem to be of a much higher quality)

BOG I felt was very overrated!

My favorites :slight_smile:

Boma Breakfast :slight_smile: We have ate there 3 times and totally love it :slight_smile: I would do again
'Ohana for dinner :slight_smile: We did an in room for Ohana and not better than dining there :frowning: I’m not a fan of pineapple bread and dessert but I love the actual meal and the atmosphere! I had dinner with my kids and they ended up sleeping the whole time, but I loved it :slight_smile: I was stuffed when I left because the waiter brought me extras if I wanted them :slight_smile: I like the breakfast, but I think I would prefer the dinner any day :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong the breakfast is delicious too, but the dinner rocks :slight_smile:
Teppan Edo I have been here 2 times Once just DP and once on DDP, not a fan of desserts but food and appetizer was excellent!
Boathouse :slight_smile: I have been here 2 times, the first we just ate an hour before and then went here so we didn’t eat much :frowning: But it was very good, and I ate there 2 times. My mom had I ate here again and I really enjoyed it. She got some fish and it was really good!
Via Napoli is a great pizza place and cheap OOP place :slight_smile: Their pizzas are huge :slight_smile: I even have a pic :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed Cinderellas Royal Table for Dinner :slight_smile: We have also done breakfast here but I had dinner with my cousin here and it was fun! We even got wands :slight_smile: We sat by a window and could look out and see the carousel :slight_smile: I would definitely do it again :slight_smile: The food was delicious.

Those are probably my favorites :slight_smile:
Another that I would probably do again is Trails End. We really enjoyed this restaurant and it is off the beaten path!

When I have booked my rest. I have done it from the menus to see what I would like to eat. I found all of menus on That is my favorite place :slight_smile: I’ve lost track of how many times I have actually stayed since I have done some split stays but Disney is my favorite Vacation!

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I have been to many signature restaurants. I cannot think of any entree that did not come with some sort of combination of vegetable/other interesting accompaniment. At the signature meals it is always about how the flavor son the plate combine in wonderful ways! I did order sides…once (at Yachtsman) but it was a waste of money.

Great. I’m thinking that since we are doing the dining plan we might opt for one or two signature dinners. Last time, we had the DDP. Having TS every night was overwhelming even though we all love to eat. So, it might be super over 5 nights to do 2 signatures and 1 regular TS.

I’ve priced it out and the free dining miraculously actually saves us several hundred dollars compared to doing MVT room discount plus discounted tickets.

Tinker-which signature dining have you done? We are for sure doing Jiko (leaving kids out) but am thinking Flying Fish for our second. Am debating between Flying Fish, Boathouse, or maybe CA Grill. I know the grill has the view but it has more mixed reviews.

One more question, at a Signature Restaurant such as Flying Fish, we could use 6 credits (three meals) for our party of 4, right? Given it’s not buffet, there are no requirements to use a certain number of credits, right? Because I am more than sure that our two kids could split one adult meal at a nice sit down restaurant and I don’t want to waste 2 extra credits.

You can do three meals, pay OOP for an app too, or any combo! I love Flying Fish! It is a great restaurant. I think Jiko is my favorite, but I am still bitter they took my favorite dessert off the menu! I like Cali Grill but it is not in my top three. I really like Artist Point too!

Thanks! Yes, we’re definitely doing Jiko (but am waiting to see what gets said about Tiffins as well). I think we’ll do Flying Fish. It’s crazy how much food one actually gets on the dining plan so I think we’ll do well to spend a few double credits on the best restaurants.

Hopefully I will be able to give a report on Tiffins in September! I am interested on how the favors compare to Jiko.

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