Sick kid and unused tickets

So, our last park day was going to be yesterday but of course all parks were closed for the hurricane. The rest of my family are at Epcot today and my youngest son and I are home as he’s sick since yesterday evening. I’m wondering, if he’s better tomorrow, should I try to eek out s couple of hours tomorrow before driving home or will it possible to get a refund for our two tickets since they closed the park Friday?

I would think you could get a refund - but would assume it would be for the unused day - which isn’t a lot.

Glad you are safe and sorry for the double whammy of bad weather and sick kid. That sucks.

Not knowing anything else and assuming he is better to go. I think it may be what the Dr ordered to eek out a ride or two at one of the parks. Depending on how he is feeling

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