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We are looking for a good shuttle service or recommendations between John Wayne Airport to the hotel.

Our flight is after 7 pm so the Grayline-Disney Express will be closed. :frowning:

Any recommendations for an alternative shuttle service.

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If you want to get to your hotel sooner rather than later, the taxi or private sedan service that @Nana2011 recommended would be the way to go. SuperShuttle will most likely have other passengers that they might need to drop off before you. The last time we used them we we arrived at ONT it took us two to three hours to get to PP.

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Thank you :smile:

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We like to use Uber. Quick and inexpensive.

We used JAG transportation and had a very good experience. It’s a private car, but for four people, it made sense. For our pickup at the airport we had ordered a car, but ended up getting a free upgrade to an SUV. He had waters for all of us as well as a TV going with a Disney movie for the kids. Very friendly, polite drivers both ways.