Shuttles from Disney Springs?

We are staying at the Holiday Inn at Disney Springs and while the hotel offers a shuttle to the parks, it doesn’t start running until 8:00AM. Is there a Disney shuttle that leaves from Disney Springs any earlier than that? Or should we plan on taking Uber for the days we want to RD?

The buses around Disney tend to start running 45 minutes before the parks opening. If you want to make RD’s Uber or Taxi are your best bets. I’ve heard that traveling from Springs to the parks usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Buses don’t go from Disney Springs to parks, only to resorts.

I thought they changed it so after 4PM (which is no help to the original poster of course) you could go directly from DS to a park now. Or did they change it back again? It’s tough keeping track of the odd bus schedules so it’s quite possible I missed the reversion…

After 4pm you can go from a park to DS. No buses the other way.

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Ah - guess I just assumed those buses from park to DS were bidirectional…

Nope, or else everyone would park at Disney Springs to avoid the fee at the parks :slight_smile:

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Can’t you take the boat from DS to one of the resorts and then catch the bus or just walk to Saratoga Springs and catch a bus there? I still don’t think this is a good idea, if you are trying to get to a park for RD, but otherwise it would be pretty easy to avoid the parking fees by parking in DS.

I agree it’s a bad idea for Rope Drop, but yes you can bus/boat to any resort and then hop another bus to the parks. I’ve hopped a bus to Beach Club to get to Epcot for Illuminations after a night at (then) Downtown Disney. And of course a bus to the Contemporary would get you within walking range of MK which wouldn’t be much slower than a direct bus.

If one wanted to be cheap on parking, there are options, albeit not necessarily incredibly convenient ones depending on the destination park. MK and Epcot are pretty convenient - the other 2 a little less so although once the gondola system is in place, Studios becomes fairly simple as well…

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