Shuttle to airport timing

I booked Happy Limo to take us between MCO and the Swan and then again for our flight home. It had me select a pick up time and I want to make sure it is okay. Our Southwest flight leaves MCO at 3:30 so I booked hotel pick up for 1pm. Is that good? I seem to remember MDE does 3 hrs ahead of flight time and we were at the airport for so long before our flight last time. Considering it is the middle of the day on a Tuesday I felt safe shaving a half hour off of the 3 hours before.

MCO recommends arriving at the airport 2 hours before departure, but they also say to check with your airline for specific guidance.

Thank you. Southwest recommended 2 hrs. I just have no idea if it will take an hour to get to the airport from the Swan (we drove last trip). No kids, just two efficient adults traveling.

I always do 2 hrs for National and 3 for International. At that time of day, 30 minutes is reasonable for transfers btw WDW and MCO. Personally, I’d add another 30min as a ‘stuff’ happens buffer. So, if were in your shoes, pickup would be 12:30.

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Thanks! I also realized I can ask the driver who takes us from MCO to the Swan what time he would suggest so I can adjust if need be. I am sure the company wants to allow extra time too.

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Took me 45 minutes to get through security at MCO at 4 pm on a Wednesday in October… Only half the lines were open. Lots of families. Really slow moving.