Shutdown fears for flights

I don’t want to get political here. We are going to WDW at the end of April. With the way things are going I’m worried the shutdown may still be on and if so the airport situation will be much worse than it is today. I haven’t booked my flight yet but should soon but I’m worried. Doors anyone thing airlines would give a refund if security becomes so lax? Wouosyhou book or wait? Airlines and airports could potentially start hiring private security I suppose. We live outside Philly so we could make a long drive or take Amtrak but I’d rather it and Amtrx is booking up so I’d need to book that soon. Thoughts?

Business as usual shutdown or no shutdown. Don’t buy the fear being fed.


I flew last week and had zero issues with TSA. It seemed that both the Philly and Phoenix airports were fully staffed. I fly a couple of times per year, and it seemed business as usual to me. Go ahead and book your tickets. There will not be an issue with security. Hopefully this helps a bit. (I also don’t think the shutdown will last until April…but I am not a politician, so what do I know :wink:

Hi again, just noticed the part about Philly. I have taken Amtrak across the country and back and really enjoyed it. However, every time I looked into taking Amtrak from Philly to Sanford (Disney) it seemed way over-priced compared to flying. The auto train is a possibility (Loudon, VA to Sanford), however to come in cheaper than plane tickets you have to get a regular seat…not my idea of fun (regular seat for 16 plus hours of train travel). I think flying is the way to go. Just my two cents.

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I have a friend who works for the TSA in airport security, and she says to arrive very early and be patient. Perhaps choosing flights that allow you enough time to be at the airport a couple of hours before you customarily would might be wise. Planes will continue to fly, don’t worry.

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I don’t know if if will make you feel any better, but I have been flying just about every week between Columbus, OH and Atlanta, GA because we are in the process of relocating to ATL. Since the shut down, the lines have only been slightly longer than usual. I know the news likes to scare everyone, but it really hasn’t been that bad. I’ve only been waiting an additional 20-30 minutes to get through security at ATL and that is one of the busiest airports in the world. Besides, I don’t think they will let this shut down extend into April. It would look very bad, politically, for those in office if it were to go that long.

I think if it becomes concerning it is something they would have to look at Who have you booked with? Southwest allows cancellations/changes without penalty.

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Thanks for the reassurances. I understand flights are bad now but could be worse by then. I’m traveling with a 2 and a 4 yo so flying is the way to go for sure. I will be booking with American unfortunately - only ones with decent times.

Philly has plenty of Southwest flights. Usually 2-4 direct flights a day (usually two early (6-9am) and one mid day and one later in the evening). Same with the return flight home from Orlando. There are many more non-direct flights. No reason to fly American out of Philly.

Our contingency plan is to drive but I like to drive, we have time in both sides of our trip, and I have a 10 year old. I did however book the flights with southwest. I find it funny that in 2018 I can put orlando into waze and get a route without opening a map! I just can’t imagine people can hang on that long without a paycheck.

Personally, I would not worry about it.

My brother is a TSA worker at a major midwest airport. There are no plans to reduce staff or anything that he is aware of. He and his coworkers are working all of their usual hours and shifts with no interruptions at this time at least. If something major changes I can post here.


I’m flying on Friday and have similar worries. The comments here are very reassuring.
I did call the airline the other day. I actually booked the entire vacation through them. I bought the waiver that guarantees they give you money back (on the whole vacation.) So, that’s also reassuring.

I called the airline yesterday to make sure all is ok. I am told that if they cannot fly they issue a travel advisory. You absolutely get a refund if the flight is cancelled.

If you think you might choose to cancel, but the insurance (If it actually states that you can cancel without penalty.)

I flew on Sunday and Friday this week (for work, not Disney) and there were no problems with security coming or going. I met two other coworkers who were flying from other locations and they also did not have any issues.

Have you looked at flying out of AC or Trenton/Mercer. I think Trenton/Mercer fly in to Sandford though.