Shows to see twice at MK

We are going to be at MK three days during our trip. One of those days (the first day), our family won’t be there yet, so we are going to do our own stuff that day. I have some rides I KNOW the kids will do multiple times, but I wanted to know what shows you think they’d be willing to do more than once. I was thinking Mickey’s PhilarMagic, but are there others you guys can recommend? They are both 13 (one boy, one girl) so they won’t want anything too kidish.

We have boys and a girl, who are now 12-15, and you are absolutely right about Mickey’s PhilharMagic - they will sit through that more than once. They also like the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor a lot and will do that multiple times. They are always dying to be picked for something or be featured on the camera at that show.

My kids won’t sit through The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Hall of Presidents, or Stitch’s Great Escape ever again. I’ve got one boy who will do Country Bear Jamboree, but the other two don’t like it, and he will only do it once. The Carousel of Progress is a possibility - if they get the song in their head, they will sometimes want to do it twice. They tend not to be interested in the shows on the castle stage, as those are for little kids, according to them.


I agree with PhilharMagic. Although it depends on the kids, I think 13 is certainly old enough to appreciate HoP - especially if they can appreciate the science and technology behind the AAs. Ditto for Country Bears. But once is probably enough for either. You could check them out on “your” day and see if it would be interesting for your kids.

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Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor is definitely a must-do-multiple times. It’s totally interactive with the audience, and a different show every time. Our last visit, we saw it four times … but that was because DH was THAT Guy and he wanted to see if he could get it again. (He was so proud of himself! LOL … it made the whole trip for him!)

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Agree with Suzy.
Monsters Inc can do more than once and laugh.
Philharmagic probably can do more than once.
But nothing else. I’m a technonerd and did CoP once but probably won’t ever do it again… long, slow, and (sorry) I found it kind of boring.

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I will also suggest that you try sorcerers of the magic kingdom. Or the thing they have in adventureland. Someone help me i have not done it but i know it has been spoken about.

They might like it and you may not be able to di those with a large group. Or they on what they already had done.


Wow…Monsters, Inc…really? I thought that one would be a “skip it” show. I thought it would be too childish…and it would be MY luck to be the one picked on :o

Even my somewhat curmudgeonly brother likes the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, and he doesn’t have any kids. He has been picked before, and he is okay with it. It’s all part of the fun.

DD6 has asked that I never make her sit thru Mickey’s Philharmagic again.
She loves Carousel of Progress.
She could ride the train all day if I let her.
We could watch the Mickey’s Friendship Faire every day. Also the Move It Shake it party.