Shows in EPCOT

I know TP likes you to be in position for shows 15 minutes early. Is this really necessary for shows like the Mariachi band and the Chinese acrobats & dancers? I really doubt I can get DH to 1) stay for the whole performance and 2) line up early to watch these things.

Most of them, no it’s not. The Chinese acrobats may be the one exception. They don’t perform on an elevated stage, and if you’re 8 or 9 people back, you’ll miss a lot of what they’re doing on the ground. And they probably draw the biggest crowds of any of the live performers.

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Thanks for that. :smile:

I agree that there is really no need to arrive early to these types of shows. We wandered up late to the Japanese drummers (who play high up) as well as the mime in Italy. We were maybe 5 minutes early to the German yodeling show. You could easily find a place in the crowd. Like you said, most people also don’t always stay for the whole show, so you can move around during the show if you feel that you need a better spot.