Showers at Fitness Centres/Pools?

Hi all,

Just wondered whether the main pools and fitness centres at the resorts have showers or do you have to traipse all the way back to your room instead?



The main pools at deluxes certainly do, including the DVC resorts.


The main pools at all of the resorts should have a shower/changing room for 1-2 people; sometimes more at the higher-end resorts.

This is partly because you have the right to use the amenities at your resort for the full day when you check out, even if you are not departing until well after the 11:00 check-out time when you must vacate your room.

As for the Fitness Centers, I would expect to have to wander back to your room.

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The fitness centre at the YC/BC is near the Stormalong Bay showers.

Kidani has showers near too.

Not sure about Contemporary. There are showers near the pool but not sure about near the fitness centres.

I’d be surprised if SSR and OKW didn’t have showers near the fitness centres, sim0ly because of the distance to some of the villas.


Showers at SSR are in the Spa. I know because I used the changing room before/ after pool time. :smile:

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Thanks everyone, thats what we hoped :slight_smile:

And that is directly adjacent to the fitness center and pool :wink:

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Excellent :slight_smile: I presume then you can get to the showers in the Spa without having booked a treatment or anything?


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POP, POFQ and BC all have showers. Believe they are standard Disney amentity. However, they don’t have towels in the bathroom so come prepared. I don’t recall if they have blow dryers.

At POP I know they keep towels at the front desk when they are not in the towel rack by the pool.