Show times and TP’s

First timer here. I’m trying to make my TP’s and it’s having us arrive at shows within 0-10 minutes of the start time. How does this work if the advice is to arrive 20-30 minutes early? Currently working on HS and can’t seem to fit everything in even though we aren’t doing TT, RNR, star tours or most of the Star Wars stuff except for Jedi training. I’m having the TP start at 10am so we can hang out it toy story land and use our Slinky dog FP+ at 9:45am. I was also trying to fit in a break in the day to leave the park for 2.5 hours. Crowd level is predicted to be 3.
Why is this so hard?! Help!

Hmm. You’re right- it definitely should be easier. You’re not hitting most of the big attractions and HS doesn’t have that many to begin with. It seems like the TP computer does cut it close on the show start times when it’s trying to squeeze one in- in that case there should be an alert at the top of the page that you may arrive late or may not see all the attractions. But I don’t know why there isn’t enough time, with your light schedule, there should be.

I usually start the TP at park opening, then move the attractions to where I plan to be, and when. So, I probably would open with TSM, then AS2, then the FP for SDD.

Can you publish your plan? I think that would help other liners pinpoint what the problem is.

If you are trying to do most of the shows, you might just be having trouble because the show times conflict a lot. For example, Beauty & the Beast happens on the hour, starting at 11 and only has like 5 shows. So you can’t do Frozen at 10:30 or 11:30 if you do the 11 am Beauty show.