Show time changes

We leave in about 14 days and are planning to do USF and IOA the 19th-23rd. I just logged into my tourplans and it says that the parade is now listed for 7pm, but when I checked Universals site today it’s showing the parade starts at 5pm that week. Who do we contact about verifying the correct time? Thanks, Peggy

I noticed the same thing. I would go with the information on the Universal website. It is possible that touringplans has not yet updated their showtimes to be consistent with Universal’s new schedule.

@len, is this something to tell you about, or someone else?

I think you’re right rebeecky about touringplans not updating yet as my plans have now been updated with the correct times, too impatient I guess, lol. Too bad I noticed that the Fear Factor show will be down for maintenance starting the 11th :frowning: