Show off your Disney DIY!

Thanks so much. I find it really fun to do.

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Please do! I would love to see them.

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Did you say that you did these with scrapbooking supplies?
If so :slight_smile: hoe did you seal them. I have ton’s of scrapbooking stuff and this might be something fun to try

Oh, just meant that I used my scrapbooking skills to help me design the shirts. And I used my silhouette to cut the vinyl like I would paper to scrapbook.

how did you do the magic bands? If you don’t mind me asking

I use outdoor vinyl (specifically Orcal 651) and cut the designs with my silhouette.

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Shoes! The pink pair was done for our July 3-day quick trip. The fade pair I was bored the weekend before we left on our August trip and so I did that pair (I had envisioned them for years…I have to get motivated!!) one day. (I’ve been doin shoes for 7 years now, I’m FAST. I also finally finished a huge pile of commissions so I was feeling ready to concentrate on some personal projects)

I may do a red to pink fade pair next. Have to get inspired though.

I might start doing magic bands for others, I keep getting inquires, but I always struggle with what to charge. And so I end up just doing it for free. LOL!!

Love the Disney shirts!! Not my thing to wear, but I enjoy seeing them in the parks. :grin:


My amazing sis-in-law made the whole fam some shirts with her cricut for the trip including for the MNSSHP!!




Those are awesome!!


These are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love them.


Too late to post pictures tonight. I’ll catch up tomorrow…

My mother, daughter, and I made flowered Mickey ears. From the top: my daughter’s; my mother’s; mine.


Those are amazing!

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I agree. I am crying because I have no artistic ability whatsoever. :persevere::weary::sob:

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Those are beautiful!!

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So, this is only partially DIY, but I’ve ordered skins for our magic bands, and the kids’ came today. They look so much better than I even expected. I went for the glow-in-the-dark option, so they can have fun with them at night, too. They won’t see them until I put them on their bands.


Goodness everyone here is so talented! I love the shirts and bands but the ears are my favorite.

I have so many ideas but haven’t got anything completed yet. What I am working on right now is a ball cap for myself with light up ears and interchangeable decorations. That way I can have different characters for different days. I’m planning to velcro different things over the ears for different days and then fix loops on the hat to hook each bow through. I got the idea from the swap your bow stuff. I need a ball cap instead of ears on a headband because I burn too easily even with sunscreen and I don’t want to miss a moment. :slight_smile:

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What type of bling do you use for these? I’ve seen similar at AC Moore and Michael’s and wondering if the ones that are self adhesive would stay on. What kind of glue do you use?

That sounds like such a fun idea! Make sure to post here when you’ve got them done. I would love to see them.