Show off your Disney DIY!


Our WDW departure day is 61 days away (FP+ tomorrow - eeek!) and my fingers are itching to get crafty and have fun preparing for our trip. I would love to see your DIY projects for Disney gear, magic band bling, travel hacks, pixie dust surprises for the kids… Inspire me, please!


I don’t have anything yet, but I’m hoping to make several pairs of ears.


Here’s some of my DIY magic band decorating. I could overwhelm this post with the shirts I’ve made.


So cute and creative!!


Thanks. Scrapbooking skills are handy for lots of things.




Just a touch of sparkle. The last two photos are my personal magic bands…and the first is what I did for some of the ladies traveling with me 2 weeks ago.

It’s fun to be sparkly. And so far they have held up through several trips! (I do shoes though and have a special glue blend I use. So that probably helps!)


If I tried to do this I would have sparkles everywhere other than on the mb. Maybe I could coat them like chicken…flour, egg, parmesan, breadcrumbs!


Those magic bands are fabulous!


I like sparkles! Adorable


Those look great! How do you do your shirts? I’m thinking about appliqueing a Mickey head silhouette to an old sweatshirt.


I would love to see a pair of shoes- these are so pretty!


What kind of ears are you thinking of? We’re going to be doing flowered ears this weekend.


Love the bling!!


Thanks. They are really fun to do.


I use heat transfer vinyl and a heat press (an iron works too).


These looks amazing!!! Do you have a business or just do them for your family? I’m getting some shirts made up from different Etsy sellers- I don’t think I have the skills/supplies to do them myself.


I do it just for fun.


These are some of the best looking Disney shirts that I have seen - including the ones they sell in the parks. Better be careful - you could find yourself taking orders… :slight_smile:


I’ve made a few shirts for myself over the years, but just using the iron-on paper for my printer. When I get home I might take pictures of a few…