Shout out to Touringplans

This is going to be our 5th visit to WDW. My 180 day window just opened up, and I was up at 3:00am PST (6:00am EST) I followed Touringplans advice on how to book ‘Cinderella’s Royal Table’ and ‘Be Our Guest’ along with all my other ADR.
And as usual I have never had a problem at all getting the times and dates that I wanted for a party of 7.
(Party of 10 in past years)
But if you are on this site, you already know that.

Thanks Len and his team


Would you mind pointing me towards that advice? I’ll be attempting to book BOG for Christmas week!

You book the hardest to get reservations first. So since BOG is harder to get, than you will want to grab that first. It would also be beneficial to try to book it towards the end of your trip.

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read this

Do your homework, get up early, and take Alewis678 advice.
I live in northern British Columbia, so I had to get up and book these restaurants at 3:00am local time.
A little inconvenience now makes for a more enjoyable vacation later.