Should we get Park Hopper in November?

We have a trip planned basically November 18-22 in the parks. We are staying at Animal Kingdom (Kidani). My thinking is we schedule full days at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood, Animal, Epcot, then Animal kingdom again on the last day.

But my thought process is, if we have the hopper option, I can take the older kids into Animal Kingdom each evening for a couple of hours if my youngest is too tired to go.

What time does Animal Kingdom typically close during the holiday season? If we are on resort, will they have extra hours? Do you guys think it is worth it?


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My personal take is that you probably wouldn’t need Park Hoppers. You MIGHT take advantage of them, but given the added cost, the question is if it is worth it…perhaps spend that extra $75 (or whatever it is) for each ticket on something else?

You can always add park-hopping after you arrive. Basically, if you decide you want to hop, just add it on then. No need to make a decision now and pay for park hoppers up front.

Personally, I find two MAIN reasons to justify park hoppers:

  1. You are going on a LONGER trip, and want to hop into Epcot, say, each evening for food, or whatever.
  2. You are going on a trip less than 4 days, and want to see all the parks.

I think a trip of 5 or 6 days, hoppers will likely be a waste of money.

BUT, everyone has a different traveling style, so perhaps you WOULD use it.


AK normally closes earliest of all the parks so I wouldn’t get it with that in mind. I personally like them because you don’t have commit to all of 1 day in 1 park. It somehow makes it easier to power through more if I split up my mornings and evenings.


I didn’t realize you could add park hopper later. Thank you for the response.

Animal Kingdom traditionally closes at 8 PM on those dates. A few 9 PMs in the past but I’d plan on 8 PM close which is pretty early. So, no, I would definitely not add park hopper if the plan is to hit some evenings at Animal Kingdom, it really is not a night time park compared to the others. And with 2 full days there that is going to be more than enough.

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thank you

we will be there same time just staying on the other side at Jambo… I always tell people do not get the hopper till you need it. You can always add it on for any remaining days right at the desk at Kidani if you feel you need it.

Yes, you can wait to see if you want to add it later in the trip, but the cost will be the same as if you had added it on the first day.

Animal Kingdom will most likely not offer the new Extended Theme Park Hours. Originally, AK did have the previous EMH, but it was discontinued for AK many years ago.

But your not loosing anything by adding later-
with the possibility of a savings if you don’t need it.

You can’t downgrade the park hopper but you can upgrade a 1 park per day