Should we do MVMCP or not?

Just booked a last minute trip for the first week in December, and trying to keep the budget as low as possible. It’s the second use of our APs that we got in June.

I’m torn on if we should spend the $$ on MVMCP or not.

Our daughters are 17 and 13, and have never been there during the holidays.

To me it comes down to will you use it for the party extras - the parade and meet & greets. My family (unfortunately) is not the parade type and we spent the entire time on the rides. While it was great and lines were somewhat lower, it was an awful lot of money to spend for things we could do during the day or on a non-party night. I think we would have gotten our money’s worth if we did the things you could only do at parties. The snow on main street was pretty cool.

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Considering this is a factor, I would say no, don’t do the party. Our first trip we did the party and second trip we didn’t. Both trips were awesome. If budget wasn’t a priority I’d say go for it, but without it you will still have a wonderful time and you will keep the budget in check.

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Yes!! Do the party. I am NOT an add-on person, but this is SO MAGICAL.

The rides are empty, the parade is AWESOME, and the fireworks are FABULOUS.

Plus? Cookies. Cookies, snacks, I mean, it’s really a terrific add-on, even if you are onna budget. If you can swing it? Go for it. I would eat more popcorn and skip an expensive dining and do a party.

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This seems to really answer your question. I’d say “No” here.

It does depend. For the planning we’re doing for a trip first week of December 2020, we plan to skip the MVMCP, but hit MK on the days of the party to take advantage of the reduced crowds during the day.

We are not big parade people, though. Parades are, for us, the best time to get in a few rides with shorted lines!

Our trip, however, we are specifically planning for December so that we can see all the holiday decorating despite the lack of the party.


I say no if you are watching your budget. Disney is magical even without the party. We went during Halloween party season and did not go to a party. We had a fantastic time.