Should we change our 2 day plan? You

So we are going to Disneyland on a Monday and a Tuesday. We reserved Monday as a Disneyland day and Tuesday as a park hopper day with a start at California adventure. Looking at the crowd calendar it looks like Monday is a 6 and Tuesday is a 4.

Should we change our plan and do park hopper with Disney California adventure start on Monday and then do Disneyland on Tuesday?

If so how difficult is a process to make the change on our reservations?

We will be a party of four adults and three kids. The youngest is five and this is his first time at Disney.

Also is there any way to know what might be closed for refurbishment during our trip?

Edit: I checked the reservations calendar and it looks like Disneyland is not accepting any reservations for Monday the 5th. Does that mean it’s at capacity?

Just making sure you know that park hopper is added to whole ticket, not just specific days. You could leave as is and hop yo DCA if it gets too busy Monday.

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You can see what’s closed for refurbishment on the calendar. It also includes the entertainment and park hours. Unfortunately, DLR only has info for two to three months in advance unlike WDW.

We only got one park hopper ticket and right now it’s reserved for Tuesday. Monday is a one park one day ticket.

You bought two separate tickets or you had the one day one already?

We had bought two tickets. We did a single day single park ticket for Monday and we chose Disneyland. For Tuesday we chose to do a park hopper with a DCA start.

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In certain circumstances it can be more cost effective to buy two single-day tickets vs one two-day ticket. Two-day tickets are always the same price regardless of tier, whereas single-day tickets are subject to tiers. So it just depends on which tier days you are going.

That said, if I was going to get a hopper for one day, I might get a two-day ticket to get my money’s worth out of the hopping feature, even though it would be more money overall.

Regardless, I think keeping DL as the full day is the smarter plan, even with higher crowds. There are at least twice as many attractions there so you can easily fill a whole day.

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I just checked as well by going through the steps to buy a ticket but not actually hitting submit. It looks like if you have a one park per day ticket, Disneyland isn’t available. But if I change it to a park hopping ticket, Disneyland is available. They have different buckets for different ticket/pass types and they allocate the maximum % of guests they want on each of those ticket types, but they almost always still have reservations for the types of guests they want (on-site hotel guests for sure but looks like park hopper ticketed guests are a pool that they don’t limit as much).

All this to say, just because the one-park-per-day reservation is maxxed at Disneyland doesn’t mean it’s at capacity. I also wouldn’t change my plans on a 2 point crowd level difference. Maaayyybee 3 or more, if I trusted the predictions, which is hard for DL since it was hard to predict before park reservations were required and patterns are still stabilizing since.

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