Should I worry about this or not?

We have 3 adult tickets purchased for me, DH and DS12 and a child ticket for DD8. Tix were bought as package thru MVT TA. For months, it’s always showed my DD and DS switched for the tickets; The child tic was assigned to my son and adult ticket signed my daughter. I told the TA about it right away and she told me months ago it was a display issue on MDE and not to worry about it. FP day is approaching in 3 days so I decided to call MDE IT Make sure all was good with the tix. The agent on the phone was very unfriendly and unhelpful. She told me that the adult ticket was indeed assigned to my daughter and that it could be an issue when we’re trying to get into the park. She would not change it though since the tickets were purchased through a travel agent. So I emailed the travel agent who replied back to me and told me that it really was not a big deal but that she would call them anyways. Now all they’ve done is assigned the child ticket to my husband instead of my daughter :woman_facepalming:t3:. I emailed the TA again and haven’t heard. Does this happen a lot? I feel stuck b/c TA telling me not to worry and MDE IT was no help.

This is a true statement. MDE is rubbish and there are often things showing up wrong. Don’t worry about it. Similarly, dining reservations will disappear (but are still there) or fail to disappear (after you’ve cancelled and have confirmation of that cancellation).

You’re good.

Thank u oh wise one - you make me feel so much better!!! Appreciate the help!

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I had the same thing happen with my tickets purchased through MVT. My TA tried a couple of things to fix it but couldn’t, and had me call IT at 407-939-4357 and they took care of it for me, no problem. Passing along in case this is different from the number you called.

Now this is even worse! I went back and looked this morning and my sons ticket is completely missing! We are supposed to make fast passes in two days! If the ticket is not showing up, how will I be able to make the fast passes @OBNurseNH - what should I do! I have notified TA

I think that’s all you can do. But again, things go missing a lot on MDE but they are still really there. When you go to make FPP it should be fine. If not, you escalate it to th enext level supervisor until it’s resolved.

There was once an issue with my DH ticket for some reason, and his FPP disappeared, for some high level FPP. I insisted that as it was not my error bu ttheirs they needed to reinstate them. It took a few days but they eventually did in the form of anytime no restrictions FPP (could be used on any ride at any time). They gave those to him because they could not give more FPP than the system would allow and there were none left.

you’ll be fine. Really

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After a lot of back and forth with the TA and IT they fixed it. She was even frustrated with the fact that some CMs can work magic while others wouldn’t even try.

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