Should I visit Disney Springs or another hotel?

I am just doing a little research on Disney Springs.

Do you think it would be worth going there, as I am now starting to really finalise my plans for September (we are staying at POFQ and could catch a boat to DS), …or do you think we would have a better experience visiting one of the other hotels, like Animal Kingdom Lodge etc. Any suggestions :)?

I have been reading fairly average reviews for DS, so don’t want to waste an evening going there if I will enjoy somewhere else more.

We are not fancy eaters, but like a nice meal all the same. Hubby, myself and 2 teen daughters 15 & 17.

Well, most teenage girls like to shop and Disney Springs has plenty of that! But since they can do that at home I would recommend heading over to Animal KIngdom for dinner. After dinner you can ask for the night goggles and view the animals! They probably don’t get much of a chance to do that at home! Have a great time!

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VvTwo completely different experiences! I am planning on stopping by Disney Springs for one morning during my upcoming 4 day trip and multiple times when I stay at POR. I love walking through the shops and picking a restaurant for a meal (Raglan is my favorite but I am going to Morimoto for lunch next trip).

That being said- AKL is an experience all on it’s own. Here is a link to the current activity guide:

You can just sit and watch the animals, get a meal, and chose an activity. Plus, it is truly beautiful!

What ever you decide I am sure you will have a great time!


Thanks very much. I’ve got 9 days, so I might try and fit both in :slight_smile:

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Where do you ask for night goggles? TIA!

They have lots of fun activities available, but one of the coolest is
the animal viewing using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). The animal
viewing takes place nightly between 9 and 9:30 pm at the Uzima Overlook.
How To Get There
Head to the lower level on the right side of the lobby (facing the
rear). Follow the signs for the pool. Walk past the pool and keep
continuing to the left as far as you can go.
The outside lights are off in that area but you’ll be able to find
your way well enough. As you near the overlook you’ll see a line of
people, just join the line it moves fairly quickly.
At the front of the line there’ll be some Disney cast members running
the viewing. They have several sets of NVGs which they pass from guest
to guest. As each guest finishes with the goggles the cast member cleans
them with a wipe and passes them to the next guest.

Have a great time!

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We have only 4 days, but we are doing both :wink:

We first stayed at AKL two trips ago and it instantly just felt like home to us. We can’t stay there this time (cost prohibitive) so we are heading over for a little visit on arrival night. Bread service and drinks at Sanaa, and a little time strolling the property afterward. We’ll hop over to DS on one or two evenings for late night fun after we leave the parks.

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DS is essentially a mall - a very large and very nicely done mall. 2 years ago the only reason I would go was for dinner at Raglan Road and a stop in the Christmas shop. About a month ago I was in Orlando on business and spent 2 evenings there - and was not bored. There are four distinct areas, each with its own theming, fountains, decorative pools, the waterfront, etc. And since then 2 or 3 restaurants and a half dozen more shops have opened. There aren’t necessarily a lot of things to “do” there (other than eat, drink, and shop), but there is a lot of live music and “dance parties” on various stages throughout the grounds, and a very up-beat “vibe” of people having fun on vacation.

AKL is hands-down my favorite resort at WDW, and in my opinion, Jambo House is the most beautiful architectural space in WDW. I love being able to see animals from my room balcony, and I love being able to go to the “public” viewing areas. Two of my favorite restaurants in WDW (Jiko and Sanaa) are at AKL (although Sanaa is at Kidani vice Jambo). IMHO, AKL is better visited during the daylight hours (especially if dining at Sanaa); I would consider it an excellent choice for a mid-day break on an AK day.

The above being said, as an evening “destination”, unless you were planning on eating at one of the AKL restaurants, I would choose DS. I think your DDs would enjoy it a lot more than AKL, and there is a huge choice of food ranging from $10 kiosks to $80 steak dinners. Just a heads-up: if you plan on going to one of the TS restaurants, reservations are still needed. On my last trip I went to do a wlk-up at Raglan Road and was told the wait for a table was 90 min (I was lucky and found a lone seat at the bar so I had no wait).