Should I upgrade to an Annual Pass and if so which tickets to upgrade

I am going to be in DisneyWorld in August and already have 6day park hopper passes for this trip so I can get the dining plan. I also am holding onto 3 of the old 5 day Waterpark Fun & More Park hopper Plus passes that have never been used. I usually only go once every 2 or 3 years as I live out of state. Now with Galaxys Edge Opening I am wondering about upgrading one of these many tickets to an Annual Pass. I really want to see Galaxy’s Edge as our last day in the World this year is August 29th. But I have already shelled out so much for this years trip I need advise as to whether it is worth the additional cost to convert one or more tickets to an annual pass. If so any idea how much it would cost AND which ticket should I convert? Also would it be better to wait until after we arrive and convert the balance of my current 6 day park hopper passes rather than one of my extra 5 day WaterPark Fun & More tickets? I am really confused and nearly to the point of throwing my hands up in disgust saying I will see Galaxy’s Edge next trip…probably in 2021 when my daughter graduates highschool.
I really need advice as I am not a FL resident this is a substantial sum I would need to cough up in a lump sum. And I am already in my 60 day final countdown.
Please help me here.

What do you mean when you say you have 6 day park hopper passes so you can the dining plan? Are you getting Free Dining? I’m assuming you have a package booked directly with Disney.

What are the dates of your trip? Does it end with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge? Would you make a second trip within 12 months to make an AP “worth it”?

With the recent price increase for the Annual Pass, it is hard to say that just a SECOND trip will make the cost of the AP worth it. You really have to do the math on that one.

Yes my 6 day tickets are part of my current package booked with Disney Travel Agent.
We arrive 08/21/2019 and leave 08/30/2019.
Not sure if I would make the second trip within 12 months to make AP worth it.

If you’re not sure you’ll be back within 12 months, then it rarely makes sense to get an AP. I’d just upgrade your tickets to longer than 6 days if you want to see Galaxy’s Edge and don’t have enough days on your current ticket allotment. It is usually relatively cheap to add an extra day once you’ve crossed teh 5 day ticket mark.