Should I try to request a specific room at Wilderness Lodge?

Last time I stayed at Pop Century and the time before I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and both times I requested a better room (after doing research on here) and it was SUCH a benefit!

I’m staying at the Wilderness Lodge in a few weeks with a Standard 2 queen room. Should I just take my chances or should I request something specific?

Oh, and the touringplans room finder isn’t working for wilderness lodge :frowning:

Thanks in advance!!

I just returned from a 5 day trip to Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge on Jan 28th. I had rented two 2 BR Villas using DVC points and submitted a room request through Touring Plans. I asked for a 5th floor room facing the lake and asked that our two villas be on the same floor and near each other. I received two Villas next to each other on the 5th floor only two rooms down the hall from the room I requested, but the rooms faced the woods rather than the lake. I got most of what I asked for and was not disappointed with the woods view. Go ahead and ask for the room you want. You might not get the exact room, but you will probably be happier with what you get than if you just took whatever they give you at random.

As stated, you might not get actually what you request but sometimes you get close to it or on occasion even better. If you are assigned something totally beyond your liking, you can point to your fax request at the desk and ask for a room more to your liking.

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Often best to also add WHY you want that room. Just giving a room number doesn’t help them if they can’t fulfill the request. If you’ve said “I’d like room ####, or a similar room facing the lake”, they might be able to give you something similar.

Otherwise they might just give you a room with a close number, which could be on the opposite side of the hall.