Should I throw my entire plan in the trash?

I just read this week’s Saturday Six in the Touring Plans blog. It was titled “6 Magical Reasons We LOVE The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade”.

I went to UOR last year during our trip. We went on three separate days, though we didn’t spend full days there each time. Yet reading that blog — and some others it linked to — made me realise just how little I actually saw when I was there. Indeed, I remember thinking it was a bit rubbish. Now I realise it’s amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

As I touched on elsewhere on these forums today, the limited access to WDW (and UOR) and the limited time we get to spend there that most of us have tends to make us frantic in our planning. I remember last year one of the first things I did was go through every ride at all six parks I was visiting (4 WDW, 2 UOR) and list all the rides I wanted to go on. I then scheduled them all. I’m fairly sure I ticked them all off. Some twice.

Ultimately my trip last year was mostly about action. Yet at times it was so frenetic that I cannot remember doing some of the things. I know we rode EE, for example, but I can barely remember any details. People keep saying it’s one of the best rides at WDW, yet I honestly couldn’t tell you if I even enjoyed it or not.

On one iteration of my current plans, I had a three-quarter day at UOR, followed by a quarter day at AK. This was because I found an FPP for FOP on that day. So the plan was I rush back from UOR to ride FOP. And, since you get three FPPs, I threw in EE and Dinosaur. And dinner at Satu’li, and regular line Na’vi.

Great planning, right? Except I’m worried I’m just going to be rushing from one thing to the next again with no stopping and taking it all in.

So tonight, I’m going to go through my plans — again! — and maybe do some pruning.

(But how do you stop and smell the roses? I’m reminded of when I first started going to art galleries. I didn’t know what to do. How long were you supposed to look at each picture for?)

Before you all rush in to comment, I know my spreadsheets are divided into 15 minute intervals, but they’re not actually as prescriptive as you think. They’re genuinely not that crammed. And I always set the TP planner to “relaxed” walking pace. Usually. But — for example — I’m wanting to visit all four monorail hotels. (I count Wilderness Lodge as a monorail hotel.) At three of them I have a meal, and then I’ve scheduled half an hour to explore the resort. Experts will no doubt tell me you could easily spend two hours at each one and not be bored. Probably?

I do have a trip booked for next year, which should take some of the pressure off, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t quite believe I’m really going to do it. There’s a big difference between paying a £50 deposit on a £2,419 hotel and ticket package, and actually paying the balance.

I wonder what I’m going to cut . . .

I purposely didn’t read the Saturday 6 today LOL.
I am not doing UOR - I just love Disney too much to give up my time there & I know that I would end up having a more rushed (see crazy - how do I get it all done) plan.
So I decided that even though I do love Harry Potter, the rest of UOR doesn’t do anything for me. A lot of the same ‘3-D’ rides that are ok, but not what I want to do a lot of. Also my boss went there last year and pretty much said what I just said LOL - that he had a headache by the end of the day and he liked Disney a lot more. Oh, and my sisters & their families went last year and said Harry Potter was amazing, but overall they were not impressed and probably wouldn’t go again.
If I want to have time to appreciate Disney, then I am going to just stay in the Disney bubble :slight_smile:
Of course that doesn’t stop me from looking at the pictures of Harry Potter and wishing I could go - I would just need to be able to take a 2 week (at least) vacation to give up some Mickey time for Harry LOL

Last year we did the VIP tour at UOR — so we got a bunch of rides done in about eight hours. And at UOR, you go straight to the front of the line, no waiting at all.

At first I was blown away. I remember thinking Spider-Man was the most incredible ride I’d ever been on. But by the end of the day I was like, “Oh no. Not another one of these simulators again!” And, yeah, I started to get a little queasy. Any more and I’d have been done for.

But I do think the Harry Potter stuff is awesome — for me it’s more immersive and exciting than any of the WDW stuff except maybe Pandora. Though I think the HP stuff is better actually. I don’t really buy the floating mountains.

Why don’t I have more money for a longer — a much longer — trip?

Yes - this LOL

I went to UOR many (cough, more than I would like to think about) years ago Right after Harry Potter opened, and was blown away by it. I know that it is supposed to be much more amazing now! I do agree that it is a more immersive experience.
I guess I am just a Disney ‘fan-girl’ at heart :wink:

You accept and make peace with the idea that you simply cannot do it all in one trip. You decide to focus on the things that you’re truly most passionate about THIS time and save the rest for another time.

I know I am at a different place than you - literally and figuratively - but our WDW trips have gotten sweeter and sweeter because the more we go the more we know we’re going to go back and the less we feel pressured to do everything.

I hope you can get there too.


And the more I go and the more we slow down the more this particular phrasing disturbs me.

I think some really view it as “getting things done” which is not nearly as joyful or immersive as “having had the opportunity to experience”. It’s a subtle but important shift in thinking.

Vacation should not be viewed as a list of things to be gotten done. If it is, it’s being “done” wrong, and the experience is potentially being lost.

I hope I don’t sound uppity or preachy. It’s just something I’ve noticed recently in reading posts or listening to podcasts. I literally cringe at the idea of “getting things done”.


Some examples of stopping and smelling the roses:

Sit on a park bench and people watch or sit near a ride and watch the ride and the fun people are having.
Stop to see a character you weren’t expecting to see, such as the Country Bears, who are very interactive.
Eat a meal outside and enjoy the scenery.
Watch a performance in the World Showcase.
Stroll down Main Street and look at the details on the buildings.


You’re really not. Despite the fact I hate you, I have huge respect for your wisdom and experience. And on this issue I know that you’re right.

But I’m fighting some very strong forces.

The first is — this may sound ridiculous — a fear of being bored. I’ll be on my own. I’m used to that, but it can be lonely. “Doing things” stops me from being in my own head so much.

The second is — fear of missing out. What if I don’t get to do X? Oh, the horror!

The third is — I’m a spoilt brat and I want it now. SDD will be open while I’m there, so I must go on it this year. I don’t want to wait till next year.


This is the trap. Avoid the trap. You can do it.


Also, I’m sorry to hear this. I thought we’d gotten to be somewhat friendly. My mistake.

How have you still not gotten my sense of humour?

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Do you still not realize I’m sarcastic 99% of the time?


How are you not getting that I’m a hypocrite? I can dish it out but I can’t take it.



Seriously - pick, say, 5 things in each park/area that you want most of all to experience this time. Be certain to do those things. Pepper your plan with “those other” things so you don’t find yourself bored (? does not compute but I’m trying to work with you here) and as insurance against in-trip loneliness. You are far and away going to enjoy the 5 things you’ve selected immensely more for doing so.

You’re going back next year for your birthday anyhow. :wink:


[This post contained a now out-dated version of the plan. The new version is further down the thread.]

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I am fighting some of this myself AND trying to prevent myself from adding more things to my plan because of it.
The only thing for me is that on my last trip - it was me & my boyfriend, but I wanted him to have fun, so when he was getting tired of the plan (yes I know it is hard to imagine) or just getting tired - he went back and took a nap and I stayed for a while alone. Another day he was a wimp - umm I mean tired on the last day - and couldn’t get up for EMH RD, so met me a couple of hours later. I loved the time we were together, but I really had a great time when I was alone, and I met 3 or 4 people that were also there alone when I was waiting in lines for things. That surprised me, but it also helped me to realize that taking the solo trip wasn’t ‘weird’


Controversial Proposal No. 1

There’s Disney After Hours on the 30th. I’m tempted. As I understand it, lots of rides open, very little waiting. It would take the pressure off immensely, knowing that I’d have that time to do things I couldn’t fit it on other occasions.

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I would LOVE the chance to do an after hours. But if I did, I wouldn’t tour that day, or would at the very most start in the afternoon, possibly with FOF and then going on from there. I’m kind of wimpy about late nights. Odd, as I’m a night nurse. It has always baffled me how I can be so intolerant of late hours but for the nights I’m at work.

Booked it. There aren’t that many of these events during the year, but one of them was on a day I’d already planned to be at MK. I took this as a sign.

Right. Zero stress about MK rides.

Next up: Monorail hotels.

Are these worth a decent chunk of time? I’m thinking of combining GF and the Poly into one day and walking between the two. Breakfast at 1900PF, explore GF, walk to Poly, explore Poly — maybe monorail to CR — end up back at GF for dinner at V&A. No park entry at all. One long chilled out day of sightseeing.

Good plan?

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That sounds lovely, actually. Both resorts are gorgeous and the walk between them is not more than 10 minutes and quite pretty. I hope when you return for V&A that you’ll take some time to enjoy the band, and even consider sitting a while in Mizner’s, directly behind the band.