Should I switch our resort or wait for a discount?

We are visiting WDW starting Nov. 11th. (2 adults, one 7 year old boy, and one 9 year old girl). Currently we are booked to stay at the POR resort in the royal rooms. I am hoping for a discount to come out in July in order for us to save a few hundred dollars. However, my second choice are the Little Mermaid rooms at AOA and they book up quickly. Should I switch our reservations to the Little Mermaid rooms now and then if a discount comes available we can switch back to POR? We would save $600 switching from POR to AOA. My husband is no help and we have only stayed at Pop and Coronado on previous trips.
Thanks in advance for your help and opinions!

Usually discounts for Nov/Dec come out around July or August so it should be any time now! But you’re right about the Little Mermaid rooms at AoA, they do book up quickly.
I know POR was excluded from the fall free dining promo - does anyone know if it’s excluded from the room discount offers? I think the Little Mermaid rooms are sometimes excluded as well but not sure.

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Typically the AOA Little Mermaid rooms are not included in the discounts. POR is included sometimes but not all the time from what I have read.

Personally I would stay at POR wait for discount. You will have bigger beds and more space there.

You could also call MVT and see if they can get you cheaper at Riverside. They got me in at riverside, standard room, in early August for $169/night, AFTER tax. It’s not a royal room, but you can’t beat the price.

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What is MVT?

Yeah, I definitely like the bigger beds but we could make due to save $600.

Magic Vacation Travels. It’s a travel agent website.

I used them for a room only reservation (split stay, but the deal above), but wishing I had known about them when i booked the whole trip, as I would have saved quite a bit on tickets because they give you a free Waterpark day. Unfortunately, I had booked a package already through disney and would lose my other room discount if I changed my tickets now. Anyway, it’s free to get a quote, and I’ve heard they already have discounts through the end of the year.